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If you want to learn Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization over the shoulder of an expert, you’re in the right place. Still want to know more about me? 

Link building, traffic generation, site speed optimization, social networking or keyword research… You name it, this blog helps you achieve them all! 

I publish high quality tutorials & case studies in the easiest way to follow with great conversion results only!

Not sweet enough? No harm learning from me, since my blog does not ask for anything in return such as subscription fee. Which also means it is completely FREE!

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About IntelWizardAbout Me

Let’s see what else there is to introduce about me. Oh, my name is Daryl Edward and I’m an affiliate marketing blogger. I’m 19 years old and currently live in Malaysia and have been a full time since blogger two years ago.

Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing has been and will always be my true passion and I have been obsessed with what the internet can do since the age of eleven.

This blog helps you beat search engine rankings and increase traffic and conversions easily.


I started my career on the internet when I was just 11 year’s old learning about search engine optimization. After 8 years, my friends & colleagues suggested that I start a website where people can reach me to learn my methods and strategies.

So I decided to start this website ( hence implementing all the knowledge that I have learnt all these year. This website allows you to learn easily from all my case studies and tutorials and as quickly as possible.

I have helped and taught many people (my clients) to do rankings and internet marketing. I first started catering to local businesses, I did SEO for them and word got around… I then worked with people internationally ,all through this website.

I enjoy pointing out and fixing website problems but the best part is watching my clients start to make some good profit from my methods and guidance!

I will be expanding my team as my work load piles up. My team will consist of SEO experts personally trained by me. They will help implement all my work and projects at a rapid pace to help all of my clients hit their target and quotas at the estimated time frame or possibly sooner.

I have also helped built, optimized and ranked more than 20 websites in the past five (5) years while tightening some loose ends on my work methods.

The Purpose of This Blog

It is very common to find forums and well-known blogs spreading misleading information about internet marketing and especially SEO.

SEO is not only about generating 100% of unique content for your site. Web design, user interface, social networking and others come into important play as well too.

As you probably know, a lot of internet marketeer’s advice are mainly based on the amount of commission the product they are promoting offers.

The setup of this blog is to share my own methods and also to give quality advice and tutorials to those who need it.

Taking The Bull By The Horn with SEO

Especially when it comes to SEO, I can’t help it but to toy around with all the possible methods out there… and guess what? It turns out I’m actually getting better as times goes by!

Almost everyone I’ve met online is fearful and struggling with Google when they update their algorithm, but it makes me curious and I tend to look forward to the new algorithm updates and changes as it is quite simple when you understand the works of SEO.

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