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When your blog starts getting some amount of traffic. You should consider tidying up your blog’s settings as well as the site’s logo.

Your website’s logo is your branding, it’s what makes you stand out from the rest. Also to attract first impressions and to maintain standards.

Without a good logo or branding, it will be almost impossible to do well due to competitive market.

For example, I use a red and blue for the color of my brand.

In This Post, You Will Learn

Does it matter to have a nice logo for your website?

Which logo designing company?

Split test to test the logo’s effective.

Does It Matter If You Have A Nice Logo?

This is my first logo when I first launched the blog. Something I created on my own using Photoshop. This is how it looks like:IntelWizard Initial Logo

Well, I’m not good at using Photoshop. That explains why the initial logo is plain simple. Just basic too.

I knew that I needed to new logo and the current one couldn’t be used.

So I took the opportunity to determine whether it matters to have a good or bad logo. To measure, I calculated by using Google Analytics’ data (bounce rate, pages per visit, time spent and etc).

Then, I went to get a professionally designed logo in order to set this split test up.

Which Logo Designer Should You Go To?

Yes, you must be confused in choosing a decent logo designer to use. There are hundreds and thousands of designers out there.

I Went Hunting For A Good One

And so I went to my blogging communities (forums) and started asking for suggestions. So many suggestions came popping.

I then shortlisted three (3) logo designing services that was proper and approached them.48HoursLogo

Finally, I was very interested in one of the three (3) logo designing services. Why did I liked it so much?

Because this logo designing service is a “Logo Contest” based service. Curious?

And I decided to go with because the price is reasonable compared to other services and most importantly “logo contest” feature.

Meaning of Logo Contests

Logo design contests? Heard of it? Quite simple actually, all you have to do is create a contest and set a prize ($) for the winner.48HoursLogo Competition

Logo designers will then submit their work and you’ll be able to give your feedback. You can also do revisions with these logo designers.

Finally, you can select the winner once you’re satisfied.

Selecting The Winner

It’s very easy to choose your winner too, has the feature that allows you to set up a voting system. That way, your decisions wouldn’t be bias.

So you can set one up and ask your fellow readers/subscribers. That way, you’ll be able to get the full result.

*drum rolls!

This logo was decided the best. This is how my website’s logo look like now.IntelWizard Banner Logo

You can ask your designer to create a few different sets of the original logo. As in one facing the left, the other facing the right and so on. To show which position proves to be the best and most effective.

How To Perform The Split Test

Now, to do the split test you’ll need to download the SES Theme Split Test plugin to use. Don’t worry, it’s completely FREE.

In order to see which logo suits your website best.

Duplicate Your Theme For Split Testing

Create an exact copy of the theme you’re currently using and change the anme of the folder to ‘logo1’ and then swap the old logo to the new ones.

After that, head over to your stylesheet and rename your theme’s name to “logo1”.

Repeat the steps but rename them differently each time. For example, you can rename you second logo as “logo2”

Once you’re done, you’d have 3 exact themes installed but with different names and logo.

SES Theme Split Test Configuration

Anyone can set up a split test easily. No tricks, simple to understand.SES Theme Split Test

All you have to do is select the themes that you want to use for the split test and after that click “Save Settings”.

Tracking with Google Analytics

This is the last part, you should use Google Analytics to track your themes. Let me show you how, it’s easy.

Log into your Google Analytics account. At the Main Visitor dashboard, select “Advanced Segments” then click on “New Custom Segment”.

Example:Google Analytics Split Test Set Up

Then you’ll have to create a “New Custom Segment” for every theme that you’ll be split testing.

Once you’ve finished setting your segments. You’ll just have to wait for about a day before you can start seeing tracked data in your Google Analytics account.

Take Note: Make sure you’re tracking the right data. For example, you should be tracking “New Visitors” data and not “Repeat Visitors” and “Total Time Spent” data.

Why? Because “Repeat Visitors” can be considered your “regular customer”, they already know about your website. They trust you.

Be sure to track anything that relates to first impressions visit.

Tabulating and Analyzing The ResultsBatman Logo Split Test

You’ll be surprised when after a month. The results will vary, and you’ll get to know which logo placement is the most effective for your website.

But it is up to you to decide whether to follow what the analytics says or your own personal preference on the logo. I would have just gone ahead and followed whatever that is driving me more traffic.

After the split test, you’ll find it amazing when same logos but with the its character placed at different places performs better than the other.

That’s why I wanted to show you guys how to split test to kill off any dilemma in your mind and also win arguments in the future.

Wrapping It Up

Getting yourself a new logo if you old one is not good enough is very worth it. Something that lasts you for a lifetime. Plus, your website’s logo is the core of your business. Imagine if your website has no logo.

I promise you, you’ll see a big difference if you’d get yourself a new logo and do a split test on it. You will see a decrease in bounce rate. Also means visitors are liking your blog more which makes them roam around your site more.

Start a logo contest now for just $99, but of course if you want more designers to participate then you can set the prize higher than $99. But mine was way worth it.

Not so hard work, all you need is time to see the results. Why don’t you give it a try? Play around with your logo and see which works best for you.

Tell us your feedback!