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Devastated because you spent so much money and time on link building software and services and it did not show much result? Here comes OneHourIndexing, you won’t have to worry your links aren’t indexed by Google due to massive amounts of links waiting for Google to index your backlinks or crawl.

Don’t worry, your money and efforts aren’t gone to waste. Use the One Hour Indexing service, it is the fastest or should I say best way to index your backlinks on the internet.OneHourindexing Banner

Not only it is the fastest, it also provides the best ranking in Google.

Tons of links are not indexed by Google due to the bad quality of the links. Low quality links are usually links used for blog comments, forum discussions and link submission directories.

Note: Do not mistake index your back-linking as a pinging function. They are NOT the same. To ping or index your backlinks are two different things.

In This Post, You Will Learn

When do you need the OneHourIndexing tool?

Are there any risks of getting hit by a penalty?

Is OneHourIndexing really by far the best? (My Experiment)

Results from my experiment.

When Do You Need The OneHourIndexing Tool?

You’ll only need to use the OneHourIndexing when you notice the backlinks that you’ve been creating lately hasn’t been indexed by Google and therefore causing your site’s ranking in Google to remain unchanged (Not showing any improvement).

Some people use this tool anyway just to be sure. With this tool, your site will be easily indexed by google. Also, it will speed up the time taken to index your backlinks into an hours and minutes.

Often within an hour in my experience. Google will most likely not index these low quality because black hat SEO experts often take advantage to blast spams everywhere around the net in hope to rank better in a shorter duration.

The Risks Of Getting Hit By A Penalty

This tool helps ensure that your links are being indexed by Google. Often reducing the time taken for Google to index your backlinks too. But you will not be harmed using this tool in any way possible.

BUT, you’ll be penalized depending on quality and methods you’ve used to create these links. DO NOT index these backlinks if they’re used for black hat methods. Remove them immediately!

Showing You Why One Hour Indexing Is The Best Tool To Index Your Backlinks (My Experiment)

The Indexing Experiment

Okay, I took the hard way to find the best and most effective indexing service out there. So I decided to set up an experiment with different variables.

Five (5) separate projects for five (5) different ways to index your backlinks. First I used my favourite link building software SEnuke XCr to build links like article directories, wikis, social bookmarks and more to a to my experimental site.

Then using Kontent Machine to spin the content generated with the lowest quality possible to a point where webmaster wouldn’t want to use these links to rank their site. In other words, the spun content generated was practically useless.

Once done, I used five (5) different indexing services to test their effectiveness in indexing backlinks.

OneHourIndexing staffs does not reveal their secret indexing technique. They don’t use pings, link building, RSS or submissions to help index your backlinks. There’s a reason why they’re more expensive than other indexing service providers like Control, Indexification, Lindexed and more.OneHourIndexing Index Your Backlinks Table

They cost $17 to help index 1,000 links of your backlinks per day. But it is cheaper per link wise if you choose to have 10,000 or 30,000 per day indexed by OneHourIndexing’s method.

After I’ve finished setting up, I proceeded to submit one project per indexing service. Then continuously checked these experimental links daily for 15 days using ScrapeBox.

Results Are OUT!

I tabulated the results everyday for fifteen (15) days. Tables are calculated in percentages (%) of the total links that are indexed.OneHourIndexing Service Provider Chart

Wrapping It Up

As you can see, OneHourIndexing is proven to be the best link indexing service on the internet. On top of that, the staffs at OneHourIndexing offers you great support to assist you in ranking higher on google.

And if you do not see results after a month, they will happily refund your money.

Looking at the results tabulated, paid services like Lindexed is absolutely a waste of you time and money giving you NO benefit at all compared to Control Group.

Don’t bother using the FREE PingFarm, a complete waste of your time. Why do you think it’s free?

However, the only decent indexing service provider other than OneHourIndexing is Indexification. At least it does half the work of OneHourIndexing. But OneHourIndexing service charges a lot more compared to Indexification due to its quality and work load.Are You Ready To Be #1 ?

My advice, if you’ve already spend huge amount of time and money building links for better ranking in Google. What’s another few extra bucks for this service to ensure all your links are indexed properly.

If someone challenges you in the future about which indexing service is better and which is not. Show them this post and shut them up for good. Hope you enjoyed.

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