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Review of: SENuke XCr

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On March 8, 2016
Last modified:April 16, 2016


The SENuke XCr is a tool that can help you build and use high quality links easily. You can also publish these campaigns to the sites of your choice.

SEnuke XCr is one of the best SEO tools you can find out there. Many marketing experts are using this software too, to acquire strong and good quality backlinks to their site.

It is known that every website requires high quality backlinks in order to improve their sites ranking in major search engines.

Well, the release of Senuke XCr back in 2012 made building backlinks so much easier. Plus, It’s the first software that uses crowd-sourcing in order to achieve the highest search engine rankings possible.

Oh well, if you had experience in search engine optimization then you’ll probably start wondering if using the Senuke XCR software can get your site penalized and hence blacklisted by Google?SEnuke XCr Logo - IntelWizard

My answer is no. Are you surprised? It’s true. You will only get penalized by Google if you treat and use the Senuke XCr software as a spam tool. Because if you use it correctly, your aim is to get the keyword you’re ranking for to the top of major search engines.

Remember that if you build your backlinks with SEnuke XCr, it doesn’t mean you will be penalized by Google because you built your backlinks automatically. You will be penalized even though you’ve built your backlinks manually. Google judges your links based on its ranking algorithms and not how you built it.

In This Post, You Will LearnRanking Number 1 with SEnuke XCr

Intro to SEnuke XCr

How to use SENuke XCr like an expert.

Intro To SEnuke XCr

Before you continue reading, I’m guessing you have been to a few other websites reviewing about the SEnuke XCR software. But you may have heard a lot of sales pitch and entirely false reviews. But here’s what I’ll do. I’ll be providing an honest review about plus a tutorial on how to build high quality backlinks the right way. Just plain straightforward facts and steps of Senuke XCr software. Let’s continue to this tutorial then.

Interface Layout

Looks plain and simple right? It’s also very easy to learn. Now take a look at the top left of the software’s interface, that’s where you can create campaigns and projects.SEnuke XCr Interface

Under the “New” menu will have many different options such as niche research, article directories, social bookmarks and more.

Under options, I prefer to configure and change my SEnuke XCr software to wait for around 15 minutes for the email verification waiting time just in case if it takes longer. The others can be left unchanged.

Don’t forget to import private proxies that you own at the proxy tab shown.

It’s quite natural to set up your captcha once you have finished setting up your proxies.SEnuke XCr Captcha

Note: SEnuke XCr has its own captcha integration called “Captcha Sniper”, but sadly a lot of websites is not supported by Captcha Sniper because these websites use reCAPTCHA.

It’s only a small problem very easily fixed. So in order to fix this problem, I strongly suggest you to use a private captcha service called DeathByCaptcha instead. It is also the cheapest captcha service provider too.

Since the integrated Captcha Sniper is not supported by many sites, you’ll end up get very small percentage of success rate in creating backlinks.

Don’t forget to select the “Auto-Captcha Solving” option. Others can be left unchanged. Then save and exit the section.

Now let’s head over to the “Portal” menu. Basically, it contains a whole bunch of scripts for you to select from. These scripts are created by other SENuke XCR users to give you more links to build your backlinks to. You’re usually given 10 points which also means you can only choose 10 scripts to download.SEnuke XCr Portal

Scan through the list of scripts and select the 10 that you like or think that would help you in. After selecting them, hit the “Download Selected” button.

There’s also a “Change Notes” menu button on the main page. It shows you the SENuke XCR software updates log. To ensure you that they’re constantly updating to improve user’s experience. Thus the software is very well maintained.SEnuke XCr Change Notes

Here Comes The “Wizard” Menu

The “Turbo Wizard”

The Turbo Wizard helps you set up your campaigns FAST AND EASY. Just enter your website’s URL, the keyword that you want to rank for and the tags. Then let it do the content scraping, spinning and lastly building links.SEnuke XCr Turbo Wizard

You might think the Turbo Wizard is all you need whenever you want to do link building. But I seriously do not encourage you it all that often due to loss of control over content and quality.

It is only recommended to use if you set up a campaign quickly once in a while. Then by all means, please go ahead.
Creating Your Campaign

Now I’ll show you how to create and set up campaigns and projects.

On the main screen, click on the “New” menu and then Campaign.SEnuke XCr Create Campaign

You’ll be asked to enter a name for the campaign that you’re creating. I’ll name my campaign “123” just for this tutorial. After that click OK.

After that, click the “Account Creation” button and then, head over to the name on the right hand side. Type your preferred profile name in, then click on the “Generate Random Profile” button on the right side of the screen.

The software will then auto generate a profile with a random first and last name & other usernames there is to generate.

Then click on “Create Email Address”, below the selection you’ll see a few options. Head over and click on the “Download Pre-Created Account” and it will auto create a Hotmail email address for you with random usernames and password.SEnuke XCr Banner

Note: Create one email manually if this feature is not working due to maintenance.

After the required registrations are done. Scroll down and select the sites that you want to register and create accounts with.

This will take some time as there are tons of websites for you to choose from. Once you’re done, Hit “Start” and then let the software automatically register and create accounts for the sites of your selection.

Setting Up Your Social Bookmarking Tab

It’s time for you to create a sample bookmark campaign, first thing you should do is to click on “New” on the main screen. Then click on the social bookmarking selection. Fill in the rest of the information.SEnuke XCr Social Bookmarks

Then double click on the next new project created on the right. You can start entering URLs that you want to bookmark in the box provided then followed by Titles (Spinnable), Tags (Spinnable), and finally the Description (Spinnable).

Now you can start selecting the directories that you’ll be submitting your content. Once you’re done selecting, hit “Start”. SEnuke XCr will start creating bookmarks for that particular project.

Repeat these steps to create different link types for different social bookmarks.

Note: It doesn’t matter if you’re creating a social bookmark project or a press release project. The steps in creating these projects are the same.

Scheduling Your Projects For Better Indexing

With SEnuke XCr, you can choose to submit to all the sites at once or you can submit it over a period of days or SEnuke XCr Social Bookmarks Scheduleweeks.

Scheduling your campaigns will be a very smart SEO move. Because spreading out your link submissions will have a better rate of indexing from major search engines.

Also to reduce suspicion for search engine algorithm and also for other directories.

You can do project scheduling by right clicking on your “Social Bookmark Project” created, then select the “Schedule Project”. There’ll be a “Start after the new account creation” option, select it and it’ll be automated to your configuration.

This feature will help you stay organized even when you run multiple projects at one go.

Creating High Quality (Tier 1) Links

In this project, I’ll be showing you how to create high quality tier 1 links using the “Wizard” menu. Remember I said that the “Turbo Wizard” menu will not get you HIGH quality tier 1 links because they lack the control for high quality options.SEnuke XCr Wizard

Now go on and select “Wizard” and then fill in some basic information like your name, number of profiles, YOUR website URL and keywords that you want to rank for.

When you’re done, click “Next” and then add at least three (3) tags and a title for your article. Then, add some links and after that click on “Auto Generate” where it is provided.

You can type in your “company name” and upload a profile picture after that, but loading a profile picture optional.

You have to insert a list of categories for better link building. Remember to separate them by commas too. Or you can have the software auto select it for you. Once you’re done, hit “Next”.

Fill the necessary information for the author’s biography, “About Me” section and others.

Click next again when you’re done, and this time you’ll see a template for your high quality tiered link building.

Creating Your Template For Tiered Link Building

SEnuke XCr has an easy to use visual workshop that comes with ready-made templates. Linking structures together are made very easy to see and set up now.

It’s very simple, all you have to do is drag in the types of modules from the left and link them to the money site such as article directories, PDF, press release, RSS feed, social bookmarks, and social networks and wikis.SEnuke XCr Template

But I’ll be showing you how to create a campaign with article directories, press release, social bookmarks, and social networks and wikis.

Once you’re done making your template, click on “Next” as usual. Then you’ll receive a popup from the settings page. Click on the auto generate and download a pre-created account button will do.

Hot Tip: You should know that email providers such as AOL, Gmail, Hotmail and some other email accounts are blacklisted from quite some websites. You will see quite a high percentage of fail rate.

But, if you have a personal email address with YOUR domain name, you’ll be able to increase the success rate tremendously.

Oh, and don’t forget to test the auto generated emails just to ensure everything is working fine!

Content Creation For The Campaign

Make sure your content is spun properly to avoid any duplication penalty from search engines like Google. Read my review on The Best Spinner for high quality article spinning.

Once you have your content ready, all you have to do is paste it in the space provided. This includes the author’s bio, article and name.

When you’re done, hit “Next” and you’ll receive a warning regarding the links in the author’s bio. Why this happened? This is because the software prefers to insert the links automatically into the bio.

Well, since you’ve already inserted the links manually. Why do you want to let SEnuke XCr do it? Manually written or placed content are always stronger remember?

Press Release Content Creation

It’s about the same as what you did for “article directories” above. Just repeat your steps. Insert your title, paste your freshly spun high quality press release and lastly author’s bio.SEnuke XCr Press Release

Make sure you uncheck the “Shorten Press Release to “X” amount of words” option and then tell the software you’re sure about the decision when you click next.

Social Bookmarks & Networks Content Creation

If you’ve followed my steps this far, you’ve come halfway already. Great job. Now, we’re entering the “Social Bookmark” tab. Same procedure, insert a title, followed by the description and finally set to bookmark once for each site. Then click “Next”.

Once you have fill out the “Social Network’s” content. Repeat the steps again by pasting your article title and other content again.

Don’t forget to untick the “Shorten Press Article to “X” amount of words” box and then you can proceed by clicking “Next”.

A warning message will appear again. But this time, they will ask to take out your links from the content. MAKE SURE you say NO.

Wikis Content CreationSEnuke XCr Wiki

Same process again. Insert your title, article, uncheck box and finally hit “Next” again.

Choosing Your Captcha Service

Finally, we’re done with content creation. Now you’ll have to decide and choose your preferred captcha solving service. Please check the balance and then configure your captcha settings.

And your campaign is ready to take off!

Wrapping It Up

Hope you enjoyed my complete SEnuke XCr tutorial. You can also build high quality links now like a pro too.

You can give it a try if you don’t believe it’s actually that powerful. You can try the full 14 day trial for SENuke XCR. Then after 14 days, you can decide for yourself.SEnuke XCr Banner

I’ll be releasing other tutorials of building second and third tier links soon. Stay tuned. If I miss out anything on my tutorial, feel free to send me an email or comment below. Thanks.

Resources In This Tutorial

SENukeXCR 14 Day Free Trial – Download now and try their amazing features for 2 weeks! – Better choice for semi dedicated proxies at BuyProxies compared to other proxy providers.

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