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Review of: Kontent Machine

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On March 10, 2016
Last modified:April 16, 2016


Kontent Machine is one of the top content generators in the market. The layout is made VERY user-friendly which makes setting up campaigns really fast and easy.

The release of Kontent Machine 3 with a brand new interface helps simplify the software’s usability and saves so much more time on link building compared to the older versions.

The brand new interface made exporting the content generated from Kontent Machine into your preferred link building software easily.

The new Kontent Machine 3 allows you to control the quality of the content you create. Another good thing about the new Kontent Machine 3 is that you’ll be able to buy lifetime licenses (one-time fee) and instead of using only the monthly subscription feature.Kontent Machine Banner

The contents produced by Kontent Machine are very high quality, they are said to be 99% indexed by Google. When I create my own spun articles using sentences, words and phrases and limit the use they are still being indexed fine.

In This Post, You Will Learn

Introduction to Kontent Machine, the fastest high quality content building software.

How to insert contextual links, images and videos automatically.

How to generate and export high quality unique content into link building software.

How to easily control the content’s quality.

Kontent Machine’s complete tutorial.

Kontent Machine’s pricing.

Intro To Kontent Machine 3

The Kontent Machine software helps you generate high quality unique content according to the topic of your choice.

Most of all, the contents produced by the software are very suitable for tiered link building strategies which helps boost website’s ranking in major search engines.Kontent Machine Features Banner

Popular link building software works very well with Kontent Machine. Hence Kontent Machine has been used by many internet marketers. Some people offer use this opportunity to sell SEO services like building backlinks to help websites rank better in Google.

Kontent Machine has the ability to create high quality content containing your focus keywords. The articles generated will randomly include contextual links, pictures and videos.

Brand New Software Interface

If you’ve previously used the older version of Kontent Machine, you can see that the interface has been completely transformed changed. 

Now, let’s take a look at how fast easy it is to create content.Kontent Machine New Interface

The first thing you should do is to enter the focus keywords, configure the quality of the article, then you can choose your preferred spinner or you can choose Kontent Machine’s Spinner.

After that, you will also have the option to choose whether you want your article to contain what kind of media (images only, videos only, both or random)? Finally, hit “build and export” to generate the content.

Immediately, you can choose which link building software you want Kontent Machine to export to and then let the software do the rest. Remember to select the correct link building software when you’re building your article. In order for Kontent Machine to produce the articles in the right format.Kontent Machine Quick Menu

Once the process is finished, you can open the link building software that you chose when selecting the article’s format. Simply import your content and then start your new campaign.

That’s all to it. Fast and easy to create high quality content for link building right?

Setting Up Your First Campaign

There’s only three (3) simple steps to start a new campaign.

First, choose which type of article scraper you want to use, go with the built-in article scraper if you don’t have any local files for scraping.

Secondly, choose the “Content Source” of your choice. Then, go ahead and name your campaign. Once you’ve name your campaign, then you can key in all of the keywords of your topic. You are allowed to enter two (2) other keywords other than the main keyword.

Lastly, this software is made so that you’ll use Kontent Machine’s recommended settings on default when it comes to “Content Quality”. But of course can change the settings of the content’s quality in order to acquire more control.Kontent Machine Content Quality

Then right below it, you can choose your own preferred spinner. I always liked TheBestSpinner, but if you don’t have any of the premium spinners. You can use Kontent Machine’s built-in spinner.

Once done, you can choose what types of media content you want for your link building content. If you’re not sure, select “Random” and let Kontent Machine do the job. 

Under “Article Tweaks”, you have more options of content control. for how you want your article to be outputted including the different kinds of word, character or paragraph spinning.Kontent Machine Article Tweaks

You can enhance your paragraph spinning control by changing the “Paragraph Count” by 5 and 11.

There are also other options to tweak your bookmarking controls but let’s leave them on default for now. Once you’re done, click “Next”. 

You’ll see this page after that.

Inserting Links and Keywords Into Content

There are a few different ways that I use to add links into contents generated by Kontent Machine.

One way is to add links randomly into the contents body. Second way is to add contextual links in the content and the third way is to insert links into images in the content.

So here’s how it works, you’ll have to insert your site’s URL. Then followed by the keywords that you want to link to the website for.Kontent Machine URL and Keywords

There’s a feature to allows you to configure your keywords by percentage. Just to state an example, you can set your content to contain 20% brand keywords and the other 80% keywords.

Don’t forget to set the percentage of the links to follow or no-follow too.

I personally LOVE to insert contextual links into the article. These contextual links I use usually links to websites and guide that relates to my website’s niche.Kontent Machine Contextual Links

To find URLs and Keywords, I use ScrapeBox to do the scraping.

Why more contextual links? After many case studies from SEO and link building experts, they confirmed that contextual links helps your money site to rank better.

This is because Google will see that these contextual links don’t link back to you (looks genuine to them). Google will also consider your links high quality.

Take my advice and use more contextual links and you can safely disregard the “Brand Keywords”. Once you’re done, please proceed next page.

Producing Unlimited High Quality Content

Finally, you can start building and exporting your content!

Building and Exporting the Content

You can either select “Build Content” Kontent Machine will start to download the content to spin and then compile it systematically back in one piece.Kontent Machine Build & Export

When the content building finishes, you will see articles, spun titles, links inserted into content and also bookmarks. You can inspect them before exporting them into your link building software.

Done inspecting? It’s exporting time! To do that, click on the “Build and Export” option and then choose the programs that you usually use. 

There you go, hit “Export” and then select your folder’s destination, hit Save and then… wait! Your jaw will drop!

Kontent Machine will then create the file’s format that contains all of your content according to your selected link building software. And all you have to do after that is import them into your link building software. And DONE!Kontent Machine Monthly Visits Banner

Other Insane Features!

Let’s go through what other features do Kontent Machine provide. First, on the software’s main interface, head over to “Tools”.Kontent Machine Tools Menu

On screen, there are features like Bookmarks, Article Getter (Scrapers), Word Spinners, Unspinner and more.

As you can see there’s a lot of spinning features. I use The Best Spinner for my article spinning. But there is other spinning software such as Spinner Chief or WordAi that are compatible to this software. You can also use the built-in spinner too.

With article spinners, you can control the quality of your content by having the options to do sentence or word spin and more.

Article Getter (Scraper)

This “Article Getter” helps you scrape articles by downloading loads of article directories tailored to the keywords that you’re using. It is quite common to be used to “Bulk Spin” after your scrape your articles.

Kontent Machine also lets you configure the option in many article aspects.

“About Me” Content Generator

Helps you spin “About Me” or “Authors Bio” articles. Usually used for link building software like SEnuke XCr and others.

Bulk Spinner (All-in-one-go)

When you see the word “Bulk” is means like large amount, yes? Select a folder containing your articles, and Bulk Spinner will spin all of the articles in the folder all at once. At the same time adding images and or videos at random. 

Publish Files (Anywhere, Anytime)

Yes, this software helps you publish your articles to several places of your choice. Quite a common feature for link building software. Check out more control options below. 

You will be able to add tags and categories to help search engines index your article. Then hit “Next”.

You can add your WordPress Blog Account by right clicking the box.

Software Pricing

As I’ve said before, you can choose your package between a monthly subscription fee or settling everything with one a lifetime license fee.Kontent Machine Discount Banner

Mathematically, if you’re going to use this software for more than six (6). I recommend you go for the lifetime license. Check out the website now, they may have some promotions going on.

Integrated & Compatible Software

Below is the list of software that Kontent Machine integrates and made compatible with:

Link Building Software

Article Spinning Software

Wrapping It Up

Kontent Machine 3 is so much easier to use with its new interface along with more control to build the quality of your article for building backlinks.

It is one of best automated content generator for building backlinks in just a few clicks.

GSA Search Engine Ranker and SENuke XCr goes best with Kontent Machine because these are the software that I’ve used for link building.

Resources In This Tutorial

Kontent Machine – The Best and Fastest Unique Content Generator for Link Building. – This is my favorite proxy provider. Cheaper than any other semi-dedicated providers too.


  1. Great information on the site. I understand that you suggest to use Kontent Machine in conjunction with GSA search engine ranker for your tier 2 and 3 links and then use Captcha Sniper and keep it running on anto-pilot.

    Do you know how much approximate bandwidth a 1 GB RAM VPS server would use with this method? I am just trying to gauge which VPS to purchase.

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