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Review of: Licorne AIO

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On April 21, 2016
Last modified:April 21, 2016


Licorne AIO is one of the cheapest link building software out there that builds high quality tier 1 links. It is also equipped with many other extra features!

There’s so many types of link building software out there nowadays. I’ll help out with the confusion and dilemma on which software are worth using. On my link building software-hunt I found that Licorne AIO has been quite well-known in the market, there are also good and bad reviews about this software.

But let me put an end to the debate, The Licorne AIO is one of the best software that you should use to build high quality tier 1 links due to the new updates that comes with easy-to-use amazing features.

Those of you that follows me might know that I have published a review and tutorial article on SENuke XCr. Both software provides almost the same features, but one good thing about Licorne AIO compared to SENuke XCr is pricing. Licorne AIO is much cheaper.

There was quite a number of complaints because the beta version had problems here and there. But they have been working hard and had since made lots of changes to the software.

The changes made the software’s layout simpler and its interface is so much easier to use.

In This Post, You Will LearnLicorne AIO Product

How to Licorne AIO’s features – basic intro.

How to do high quality tiered link building using this software, import-export and etc.

The extra features and how to use it.

Basic Intro – Setting Up

Like all reviews, I’ll be showing you the main interface and features first.

As you can see, the tabs provided are for logging your personal link building’s progress. You’ll see a whole lot of details and information when you start a campaign. Don’t get confused. It’s just your “progress bar”.Licorne AIO Main Interface

Now, click on “Settings” located at the middle top of the screen. As you can see, the options are already left at default.

Make you changes if you need to, if not then let’s proceed to the “Captcha” tab. Select “Automated Captcha Solving” option. You can use GSA Captcha breaker and DeathByCaptcha but not Captcha Sniper because it does not support Recaptcha(s).Licorne AIO Captcha Settings

But of course if you want a lower fail rate, don’t use GSA Captcha breaker as your first priority.

Once you’re done, head over to “Spinning” menu.  I personally use The Best Spinner because of its power thesaurus and easy-to-use layout. But there are also other spinning software’s you can use too.Licorne AIO Spinning Settings

And then you can leave the rest of the options as it is at default but take a look anyway for your personal satisfaction. Hit “Save Settings” once you’re done browsing through.

Adding Proxies

Just like every other backlink building software, you’ll have to add proxies. The only proxies I use are from BuyProxies. Solely because they are affordable and works great for me.

In order to add these proxies, select “Add” at the main interface. Then click on “Add” and paste your list of proxies in, then look for “Add Proxies”. Click on it. You’ve successfully saved your proxies.Licorne AIO Add Proxies

After proxies, you’ll be seeing the “Emails” tab. Here, you can add an manage your email accounts for email activations. Meaning these emails will be auto activated once you’ve start your campaign.Licorne AIO Pingers

Finally, you’ll reach the “Pinger” tab. It basically allows you to have the choice to index your backlinks easily.

Doing Social Bookmarking with Licorne AIO

Now I’m going to show you an example on how to do social bookmarking project in Licorne AIO.

Just like any other software out there, first thing to do is to click on “New Project” and then enter a name of your choice to help you remember and keep track easily.Licorne AIO New Project

Then click on “New Task” at the top panel. You’ll be given a few options to choose your tasks such as article submission, directory submission, Web 2.0 submission task and etc.

Click on the “Account Creation” task, there will be a window pop up which asks you to name the task.Licorne AIO Account Creation

Hit “Next” after naming it, you’ll be directed to a new window. Again, fill out the details like you profile and etc.

Note: You’ll have to choose which email address that you’d want to link with your new profile.Licorne AIO Create Account Profile

I recommend that you create your email addresses from Hotmail because they’re easily generated and hence disposable.

But bear in mind that email accounts will often be block in a link building process. So my suggestion if you can spare a couple of bucks, buy pre-made email accounts directly on Fiverr.

You won’t be able to do much without getting a working email address.

And finally, enter your desired profile name and click on “Create Account Profile”.Licorne AIO Account Profile Creation

Then, you can choose from a list of sites that you want to sign up for. Just click on “Select All Category” and you’re done. This will be for Bookmark.

Hit the “Finish” button and let the software add the task you created.

Now, you can click “Start Submitter” when you’re ready at the bottom of the interface. It’ll then begin generating accounts.

If you’re having problems with your computer’s processing speed. There’s an option for you to configure the number of threads to use according to the amount of proxies that you have.

If you’ve gotten tired from waiting for the emails’ confirmation. Head over to “Email Tab” and select those that you want and then click on “Start Email Activation”.

The Bookmarking Task

Okay, let’s go start a brand new bookmark task. To do that, click on “New Tasks” and select “Bookmark Submission Task” and again, fill in a preferred name and other details.Licorne AIO Bookmark Submission Task

Also, don’t forget to fill out these essential details like Bookmark Title, Description, Tags, URL(s) To Bookmark and Word Count.

Once you’re done, hit “Preview” to view how does the title and description looks like. Make sure you’re satisfied before continuing.

Click “Next” once you’re done. Then select the account profile which you’ve created just now.Licorne AIO Bookmark Submission Sites

The list that your profile has been registered to will appear to be highlighted in blue. Again, click on “Select All” and then “Next”.

The software will ask you to make a list to save these live links created on a specific place. So go ahead and name it and then fill in your output with your URL list.Licorne AIO Bookmark Submission Category & Method

After that, you can tweak your link’s submission rate. For example, you can choose whether to submit your links instantly or schedulable (something like drip feeding) content.

You can also choose whether to start your task now or at the later time of your choice.

Ready? Hit “Finish” and start submitting. The software will instantaneously start to create these bookmarks.

You can go through the report after it’s done to see the success rate and retry the failed ones.Licorne AIO Bookmark Pie Chart

If you want to extract your live links report into a text (.txt) file, just right click and click on “Retrieve Live Links” in (.txt) format.

Repeat these simple steps to set up different kind of projects.

Licorne AIO’s Diagram Wizard

Alright, now I’ll be showing you how to set up the diagram wizard in order to build high quality tier one (1) links. You ready?

Same basic process, head over to “Select New Project”, project name, then “Add Project”, “Account Creation Task”, and finally “Create a new profile”.Licorne AIO Account Creation  Diagram Wizard

As usual, use the fill in all the relevant details especially the email account that you want to use.

After that, select all of the websites to register like article directories, social bookmarks and networks, web 2.0 and wiki sites. Lots of site chosen there.

When you’re done, click “Finish” let the software do the processing. Once done, click on Diagram Wizard you’ll be brought over to a new window.Licorne AIO Diagram Wizard Initial

Now, let’s play around with the modules to get you used to it. First, Drag (click + hold) the modules shown on the left column to the main blank area.

Connect a diagram linking to the money site. It’s very similar to SEnuke XCr if you used it before. But Licorne AIO is way easier.Licorne AIO New Diagram Wizard

Double-click on each module to add your keywords and links. You should also add contextual links in the article that links to your money site. Good thing is, Licorne AIO can do that for you.Licorne AIO Setup Money Site

Once that is done, head over and double click on social bookmarks, fill in the title for the article, description, tags and etc.

Licorne AIO will immediately ask you to choose the websites that you want to do submissions. Of course, select the tier one (1) account and then select all of the bookmarks.

The last step is to decide the submission, scheduling and link list options. The important thing to change is the drip feed so it goes on for about two weeks.

Once you’ve finished filling in the details, you’re done with social bookmark task.

Also, you should learn how to generate unlimited high quality unique articles using Kontent Machine.Licorne AIO Article Submission Task Wizard

Same goes here, fill in every important detail like title, body, description, tags and etc. Click “Next” when you’re done.

Repeat the steps above for the next step. Select profile, select all of the articles and fill out the submission rate and method.

We’ve arrived at wikis now!

It’s the same process again, add your custom unique content (article), title, description, tag and the rest.

Note: Summaries and resources aren’t necessary when doing wikis task. You can also preview the look of your article(s), just click “Check Article”.

Again, select profile then select category wiki and set your preferred submission’s schedule. Reminder: Output the URL list!

At last, we’ve reach the last task, it’s Web 2.0!

Lots of people didn’t know that Web 2.0(s) can use spun articles too because it allows media like pictures and videos too.

Same thing, add your articles then choose your account’s profile. Then “Select All” in Web 2.0 category. Once selected, submit! Finish it.

Also, I recommend you to strengthen your link building profile by increasing/drip feeding directory submission, social networks and others.

It will reinforce your link’s profile and go ahead and feel free to increase it!

Scrape What Your Competitor Don’t Have

Yes, before you continue starting new tasks. You should consider scraping a list of targeted websites. You’ll be able to find links that your competitor missed out for a better link building.

Ran out of ideas of websites to scrape from?Licorne AIO Scraping A List

Head over to “Manage Tab”, the software provides you a list of places you can scrape from.

The Extra Features

Licorne AIO also have scrapers for keywords, search engines and etc.

But of course, usually a built-in tool will not be as strong as a standalone software. For example, Licorne AIO’s built-in scraper isn’t as advanced as Scrapebox. But it’ll do just fine if you don’t have Scrapebox. Just like the built in article spinner, rank tracker, page rank checker and so much.Licorne AIO Extra Features

But these are a whole package deal, you can get so much in just one software.

Wrapping It Up

So here’s the end of the tutorial, as you can see… Licorne AIO is very affordable and it comes with so many packed features. I would say it’s a perfect tier one (1) link building tool.Licorne AIO Banner

It’s cheaper than lots of link building software out there too. Don’t worry about the quality, it’s great! In fact, Licorne AIO has more functions than any other link software in the market. 

Download and start the free trial now to give it a try! Don’t forget to get BuyProxies when using Licorne AIO, works well together.


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