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For those of you that doesn’t know what’s SEMrush and Long Tail Pro. They are Keyword Research Tools to help you find less competitive keywords for your content. They can help you rank better in search engines. In this post, I’ll be comparing SEMrush vs Long Tail Pro.

Basically, if you want to make money from your website you’ll need readers (visitors), whether it’s advertising or affiliate marketing.

To do that, you can either spend a massive amount of money on advertising for traffic or you can rank your site with targeted keywords for targeted audience.

Ranking your site with targeted keywords also means you’re performing SEO. Which is good in the long run, you don’t want to be spending money constantly on advertising right?

That is why ranking in search engines are important. They bring you Organic Traffic (Natural Traffic).

Trust me, I have used almost all the major SEO tools. I assure you that SEMrush and Long Tail Pro are the best keyword research tools that is worth your money or I should say has the best features. There is no need to be reading other guides and comparison anymore.

I personally still use these two (2) keyword research tools. They both have their own benefits.

In This Post, You Will Learn

Comparison between SEMrush and Long Tail Pro.

Why use SEMrush? (About)

Pros and Cons of SEMrush.

Why Use Long Tail Pro? (About)

Pros and Cons of Long Tail Pro.

Conclusion of the comparison of SEMrush and Long Tail Pro.

Simplified guide to perform keyword research for these tools.

SEMrush Vs Long Tail Pro Comparison

If you have researched your keywords correctly, your site will be able to get massive traffic constantly even if your blog is not updated frequently.

As for Keyword research, think of it as “what would people type in search engines to look for your content”. That’ll help to choose better keywords.

I know many of you asked this question before “Why should I use premium keyword research tools when there are free tools like Keyword Planner?”.

Simple, they don’t have the features premium keyword research tools have.

Free tools will never help you rank your site well. Why? This is because everyone else is using the same free keyword research tool.

Thousands of people and Internet marketing companies are using the same keyword planner to search for low competitive keywords.

This means that your keywords aren’t as low competitive anymore EVEN if it says low.

Here’s where SEMrush and Long Tail Pro comes in. They’ll help you find less competitive keywords and also “hidden keywords” to boost your overall search engine traffic.

Why Use SEMrush?


SEMrush is one of the top search engine marketing tools. SEMrush has more than 49 million domains and more than 200 million keywords in their database depending on the countries that you target.

SEMrush is the perfect tool to beat your competitors (it is made to do so). It allows you to track and analyse your competitor(s) keyword’s traffic too.

Allowing you to be able to study, steal and use their keywords that drives major traffic.

SEMrush helps you to find all keywords, statistical detail of a specific keyword and related keywords on the Internet that are ranking.  

You will get in-depth information about various keyword phrases such as CPC distribution, search traffic share to URLs and keyword difficulty.

Another point I should highlight is that SEMrush has a very powerful Site Audit feature which is located at the “Tools” section.

The Site Audit gives a great overview of the targeted site. The best part is that it also detects and warn you if the specific site has been penalised by Google. It also looks out for sudden traffic spike in traffic and the cause of it (Google algorithm updates).

On top of that, they claim to provide the most accurate keywords and statistical detail of your competitors from their database. Which is TRUE because SEMrush updates their database too frequently (almost everyday). Start your 30 day free trial of SEMrush now and see for yourself.

Functions of SEMrush

  • Simple and with easy to use features.
  • Frequently updated keyword database.
  • Able to track and analyse backlinks and traffic of any site.
  • Create a site audit for your sites to fix all the website issues
  • Able to check for keyword positions, search volumes, CPC and more.
  • Able to analyse up to 5 competitors of your choice at once for all keywords in your list.
  • Provides estimated cost of the organic traffic if it was paid.
  • Provides detailed breakdowns of other research data.

Advantages of Using SEMrush Over Long Tail Pro

That said, if you only want to use one tool at a time. Then you should carefully examine the advantages of each tool and decide on the one that fits you best.

SEMrush is a research tool made to overtake your competitors easily in all aspects. SEMrush would be the perfect choice if you want an SEO tool that can pretty much do everything.

It also allows you to spy on your competitor’s top keywords by showing you the strengths and weakness of your competitors.

The strength and weaknesses are measured based on the top 20 of your competitor’s organic traffic and the number of keywords they are ranking for in Google.

SEMrush also have other features such as, finding profitable keywords and position (geographical location), estimate and analyse site’s traffic, check backlinks, perform site audits to fix any issues on your site and more.

I believe every serious blogger and internet marketer would have this SEO tool up their sleeves.

In conclusion, SEMrush is an all rounder SEO tool that is more commonly used by bloggers and marketers to overtake their competitors. (Also to increase traffic and sales)

But Long Tail Pro can only be used to search for profitable “Long Tail” keywords and nothing more.

Disadvantages of SEMrush

The only downside of SEMrush is that you’ll have to pay around $70 every month. But I’d say it’s completely fair and worth your money based on their insane features.

I’ve been a loyal SEMrush user for a long time now. There is no other tool that can match what SEMrush provides.

Why Use Long Tail Pro?


Long Tail Pro is a powerful keyword research software. Long Tail Pro generates thousands of unique “Long Tail” keywords based on a single or multiple root keywords at once.

This is a great alternative if you’re tired and sick of using keyword planner that gives you nothing but the same keywords everyone else is using.

Which means you’ll still have to compete with thousands of other bloggers and marketers because everyone uses the same free tool (keyword planner) therefore using the same keywords.

Long Tail Pro is one of the best “Long Tail” keyword research tools out there that helps you find keywords that are less competitive, high CPC and more.

Long story short, these keywords will help you rank better in search engines and to make more money at the same time. Click here to get Long Tail Pro keyword research tool for just $97 here. (One Time Payment).

Functions of Long Tail Pro

  • Check rankings automatically on multiple major search engines.
  • Provides Moz data which allows you easily identify unique keyword opportunities.
  • Able to generate hundreds of seed keywords to help you focus on profitable niches.
  • Able create targeted campaigns and analyse statistics to help boost traffic.
  • Able to perform multiple keywords research all at once.
  • Able to help you find domain names by the keywords you seek.
  • Provides instant keyword competition feature with the ability to add your own keywords (Platinum Version).
  • Able to export your keyword lists.
  • It’s a One Time Payment process unlike SEMrush where you have to pay every month.

Advantages of Using Long Tail Pro Over SEMrush

Long Tail Pro eliminate “Short Tail” keywords to allow you to use the most profitable “Long Tail” keywords. This helps you greatly in increasing your overall search traffic by using keywords that REALLY work.

But SEMrush won’t be able to provide a massive list of “Long Tail” keywords as accurate and profitable as what Long Tail Pro provides.

Disadvantages of Long Tail Pro

The only disadvantage Long Tail Pro has is that it’s only useful to help you find “Long Tail” keywords. It does not has features like SEMrush where you can track your competitors traffic, keywords and more.

Conclusion: SEMrush Vs Long Tail Pro Review (Keyword Research Tools)

Both SEMrush and Long Tail Pro are very good at finding high CPC (profitable) and less competitive keywords. Other than that, the rest of the features are completely different.

One allows you to track and analyse your competitors (an all-rounder SEO tool) while the other helps you find profitable “Long Tail” keywords.

They are both apple and oranges. Best to use them both like I have too. They combine and work very well together.

If you only want to know about detailed keyword research. Long Tail Pro will be the right tool for you. Trust me, you can’t find any tool better in keyword research or site tracking.

Simplified Guide To Do Keyword Research with SEMrush

First log on to the SEMrush dashboard, click on the “keyword research” tab at the left side of the screen. Select any database and then key in your preferred keywords to rank in search engines.

Wait for the list to load, the results generated will give you a fully detailed list of crazy keyword ideas that you can use to rank your content and site.

The details provided are it’s Cost Per Click (CPC), search volumes, competitiveness, source of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and more.

SEMrush will also list other Relevant Keywords, Search Trends and CPC Paid Search Results for the keywords you searched for.

For example, if you are searching for the keyword “Roof Repair”, other related keywords will also be listed out for you… “Roof Works”, “Roof Leak” etc. .

SEMrush also provides you a list of top ranked organic search results of search engines (Google). This allows you to “calculate” and decide whether to use the targeted keywords or not.

You can import all data of your keyword research to your emails too for your convenience if you’re travelling whenever without a desktop or laptop.

Simplified Guide To Do Keyword Research with Long Tail Pro

First key in a list of seed keywords of your choice. Then select “Monthly Global Searches” with 1000. Any keywords with monthly searches less than one thousand (1000) are easier to rank.

Which means you can easily rank higher for any “Long Tail” keywords from your content and site. Then pick the best keywords from the results of “Expanded Keywords” generated by Long Tail Pro.

Remember, keyword with search volumes less than one thousand (1000) are usually easier to rank. So choose your keywords carefully, don’t jump the gun after a few minutes research.

After you have researched and decided on the keywords to target. It’s time to insert them into your articles and blog posts.

Make sure to include your primary keywords in your content’s title, Meta Description, URLs and a few times (preferably 2 or 3 times) in your posts to stress on your point and also to easily rank higher in major search engines on that specific keyword.

Wrapping It Up

I have worked with many webmasters in the past and present helping them to optimise and rank their site in the best way possible.

I use these tools (especially SEMrush) to help maximise their online visibility and to overtake their competitors.

Most people don’t have the time or lack the experience to do SEO on their own. So they will hire SEO experts who will no doubt bring you great results. But it costs about $2000 and above per month.

If you don’t have a high spending budget unlike small businesses (companies), you should start to find time to do it yourself by using these keyword research tools at only $100 per month. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the works of it in no time.

Need consultation on your websites? Don’t hesitate to contact me! I don’t charge as high too. That’s because I’m currently working on my own and can only take on a few projects at a time.

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