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Review of: The Best Spinner

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On March 6, 2016
Last modified:April 16, 2016


The Best Spinner is perfect for anyone that wants to do manual spinning 10x faster with a very reasonable price. They are also very well known for their power thesaurus which is constantly updating to improve user-experience. It's a must buy for any internet marketer out there in my opinion!

Advanced Article Spinning

First and foremost, to those of you that aren’t sure about this software. The Best Spinner is one of the best content spinning software. It is made to make our lives easier by spinning high quality content and saving a whole lot our time with content creation.

You should also know that article spinning is commonly used by webmasters to gain more visibility and traffic. How? Quite simple, they take high quality content from search engines and spins the article into 30 to 50 unique versions or the same article to submit them into article directories, guest posting and more.

In This Post, You Will Learn

What is The Best Spinner?

Why do you even need an article spinner?

Differences in automatic and manual spinning.

The Best Spinner’s main features.

The Super-Spun feature!

The Best Spinner’s user interface.

Is The Best Spinner worth it?

How ethical is to using The Best Spinner?

What Is The Best Spinner?The Best Spinner Banner

The Best Spinner can be explained in other words other than “content spinning software” or “article spinner”. In simpler terms, The Best Spinner is a highly intelligent text editor.

Which means The Best Spinner is a tool that helps you edit or rewrite an existing article to achieve the best uniqueness possible to prevent content duplication at the same time preserving its quality.

The Best Spinner has a built in highly powered thesaurus that helps you replace your words with other best matched synonyms. Why did I say “highly powered? Because The Best Spinner’s Thesaurus is unlike any other ordinary thesaurus. This thesaurus is constantly updating and to find the best matches and choices of words by collecting users’ data.

The Best Spinner also provides you a list of synonyms to select for every word in your article. You will have three (3) options. Choose one word from the provided list, choose more than one words from the list or you can type in your own preferred word to replace the initial word in the article.

Why Do You Even Need An Article Spinner?

Now you’re probably wondering why in the world you need an article spinner?

Size of the content that you are producing doesn’t matter. Even if you are producing a 500-word article, The Best Spinner will save you a more time than you can imagine.Confused

Yes, that’ll be the answer to use The Best Spinner. You can’t find an article spinner that’s produces high quality content and most importantly time saving.

The time taken to generate a “spun” article will be slow at first due to getting used to the software. But don’t worry, the time saving comes into play very quickly.

After reading people’s post and from my personal experience. To create around 5 very well spun articles, it’ll take you the time to create one manually written regular article.

This is not the Holy Grail into automatic content creation. But what I can tell you is after creating 3-5 manually written articles. You’ll see “unlimited” content flooding in.

Put it this way, let’s say you need 30 articles of the same topic for content directory submission. Don’t you want this software to do the other 27 -25 articles for you without much work? You’ll be saving the time to write all 27 articles on your own. Which may be a few days of work.

Everything else comes FREE after that! Oh you heard me. Because, from these existing 3-5 unique articles you can then generate and produce a good 50-80 of unique but different quality content.

Differences In Automatic and Manual Spinning

You can also choose to spin the whole article automatically then going word by word to choose the best phrases. But bear in mind that the results produced by manual and automatic spinning will be quite different in content quality and avoid getting penalized for duplicating content from someone else’s website. Check out the content quality guideline here.Google Content Guidelines

But the good things is that you don’t have to worry about the structure of the article, The Best Spinner is smart enough not to change it.

Still don’t quite get how it works? Don’t worry, here’s a link to the demo version online to show you how it works. Please take note this demo version only shows you how random content spinning is done. It does not does not feature its pro features.

Repeat your steps and go word by word until the word article has been completely spun. There, you will have a totally new and unique article. Don’t forget that it will be ranked as a high quality content. It’s just that simple!

The Best Spinner’s Main Features

#1 The first main feature of The Best Spinner which is the built in thesaurus that has a constantly updating database, not forgetting that the thesaurus also supports multi-language.

#2 When there is a powerful thesaurus in play, a spelling and grammar checker will also be present.The Best Spinner's Main Features

#3 This everyone’s favorite feature, it uses the article’s spintax by using other user’s favorite and preferred synonyms. This is done by collecting data from all TBS users.

#4 you’re able to change a phrase or word in a matter of seconds to your preferred synonyms.

#5 There’s a feature to post directly into your blog too, to help save more time and effort.

#6 If you still don’t believe that your newly spun article is 100% unique There’s a built in TBS Checking System to help ensure that you don’t publish 100% safe content and not duplicated. One of the best checking system too. It is said to have the same reputation as CopyScape.CopyScape Loading

#7 There’s also a function to compare spun articles for best results. For example, you are able use the “compare” function that enables you to compare two different versions of spun article generated from the same initial article. You can compare these versions by the article’s uniqueness, word count and more.

The Super-Spun Feature!

Noticed the word “super”? This Super-Spun feature is one of the feature that makes The Best Spinner one of the best article spinners. Super-spun feature has the ability to produce up to hundreds of articles that has uniqueness of over 70-90%.The Super-Spun Feature

The Best Spinner allows you to have the options to do word, phrase, sentence spinning and other customized settings of your choice. This software will do everything for you if you want it too.

But always remember that doing manual spinning with The Best Spinner as in spinning your articles sentence by sentence produces the BEST quality contents. But it is still very amazing if the software was set to produce articles automatically.

But bear in mind that some of the many articles spun automatically contains a few mistakes on words that are wrongly used or are not suitable for usage for the topic. The again, if you choose your options carefully, these mistakes can be reduced to almost zero.

The Best Spinner’s User Interface

Let’s take a look at the software’s user interface, The Best Spinner tool is made easy to understand and use too.

The software’s interface layout uses Microsoft Office-style. It is almost the same as how you use Microsoft Word. Who doesn’t know how to use Microsoft Word right?The Best Spinner Interface

Here’s The Best Spinner’s User Guide, download and read them carefully. Very easy to follow steps. If you don’t understand what you’re doing when using the software. Watch this video tutorial made by the producer himself.

Note: I have to mention this just in case you didn’t catch this in the user’s tutorial. The Best Spinner software is able to work with plain text files only, which is using Notepad files with no formatting whatsoever (.txt).

All you have to do is copy and paste the articles you want to spin from Microsoft Word to paste it in The Best Spinner. If you want to save them or load them in the future. It’ll be saved as a Notepad file (.txt).

Is The Best Spinner Worth It?

Speaking of the price of The Best Spinner, it is totally not a costly investment considering the amount to articles you can produce and time saved.The Best Spinner's Discount

You can sign up for the 7-day trial and pay $7 at first. After a week, if you choose to continue with this software then there’ll be an annual fee of $77. But there’s a discount going on now for an annual fee of $47 only!

The Best Spinner software is tailored for bloggers and small businesses online that can’t afford big spending budgets on article rewriting and also link building.

Yes, 20-30 spun article from each topic can be used to submit to article directories to help improve search ranking and gives your site more exposure and brand awareness.

How Ethical Is To Using The Best Spinner?

You have to know that spinning articles is actually tricking the major search engines into believing that the content you produce is original and 100% written manually.

Quite simple actually, articles spinners generally replace your word, phrase and sentences to deceive Google algorithm’s plagiarism checker.Ethical Diagram

But bear in mind that when you’re spinning these articles, Google may not penalize you for duplicating content because these articles has been rewritten. But make sure you do not over spin the article into another 100 copies. You will be penalized for low quality content too. That is why I said 20-30 articles per spin is enough.

You don’t have to worry about Intellectual Property Rights too if you were thinking about it. Hey, you’re using The Best Spinner there is on the internet. How is anyone going to report you for copyright infringement after spinning the article? It’ll be a whole new and freshly generated content.

But the truth is that proper article spinning is known as gray hat SEO strategy. Which also means that you should make sure the quality of your spun articles are proper. Make sure the quality of your content is good in order to get more backlinks to your site.

Wrapping It Up

All that said, from my point of view The Best Spinner really is “the best spinner” out there. Feel free to give it a try and see for yourself, you won’t regret it. Trust me, There’s so many positive things to say about this software. Go no, try it now!

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