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Everyone thinks ranking well in Google would be enough. But why would you want to stop there if you can receive additional organic traffic with by doing Bing SEO easily? Webmasters nowadays have grown to neglect Bing and Yahoo as another major search engine which are both powered by Microsoft.Google Vs Bing - IntelWizard

I know you might think nothing is as powerful as Google and therefore there’s no need to waste time trying to rank in other search engines.

But over the years, Microsoft has been working hard to catch-up with Google in the “search engine” field.

NOTE: Microsoft powers both Bing and Yahoo! Search engines. So basically have the around the same ranking factors.

Just a few years ago, a well-known browser like Mozilla Firefox updated and replaced Yahoo! as the browser’s search engine instead of Google.

The changes tell us that we should start take Bing and Yahoo! into account too.

In This Post, You Will Learn

The importance of Bing & Yahoo as a search engine.

How to receive additional traffic from doing Bing SEO.

The complete guide on doing Bing & Yahoo! SEO.

The Big Change After The Firefox Update

Below is a statistical chart from a trusted source showing you the increase of people Yahoo! Search before and after the Firefox update.Search Engine Stats Before & After The Firefox Update

As you can see Google’s search volume usage was decreasing month after month and Yahoo! was happily increasing search volume usage.

You should really do some Bing SEO That is a critical change you should be giving your full attention.

Are Bing & Yahoo Traffic Worth It?

Still not convinced? Here’s another comparison. Google focuses more on local search terms and business, but Bing & Yahoo concentrates more on large websites.Major Search Engines Search Comparison

Start tracking Bing, Google and Yahoo’s traffic and see for yourself. You’d be surprised, now let’s just talk about Bing.

The Biggest “Advantage” For Performing Bing SEO (Yahoo As Well)

Here’s a fact, most webmaster puts all their attention on ranking well in Google. The outcome from this is that it made Google highly competitive over the years.

Plus, Google’s ranking algorithm is constantly updating which makes it more and more challenging after each update.

But what about Bing & Yahoo? Webmasters forgot about this great opportunity. Doing Yahoo and Bing SEO is much easier in the sense that it is not as competitive and less restrictions.

It’s easy to do Bing SEO, if you’re ranking well in Google… you have nothing to worry about ranking in Bing and Yahoo. Like I said, It’s generally much easier.

Keep in mind that Google’s ranking factors are different from Bing’s, but it’s more or less the same.

I’ll be explaining the ranking factors of our neglected search engines below. You should read and understand them very carefully and take advantage of it.

Doing SEO The Bing Way! (Free Tools and More)

Yes, just like before you perform SEO on Google, you’ll need to know the tools and things to do right?Bing's Marketing Guide

The good part of doing SEO for Bing is that Microsoft actually provides great guidelines and tools to help you rank top in Bing. Unlike Google, lots of factors are “blurred”.

As long as you follow their guidelines very carefully, you’ll rank well easily without much hassle. Bing search engine admits that they are very SEO friendly from the tools they provide.

Bing Webmaster SEO Guidelines

Everything is general is in Bing Webmaster Guidelines. Read up and understand the basics. Don’t worry, it’s easily understandable. At least it’s much easier than Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Bing Webmaster Tools

If there’s Google Webmaster Tools, of course there’ll be Bing Webmaster Tools. Sign up and set up immediately if you haven’t done so.

Bing’s Webmaster Tools offer lots of amazing features like backlink explorer and etc. Keyword research is available to assist you in ranking well in Bing too.

You can use this tool to do so much more and they have features that Google’s Webmaster Tools does not offer.

You’re also given $100 worth of free Bing advertising credit to test and utilize the tool.

Microsoft SEO Tool Kit

The 100% free Microsoft SEO Tool Kit to help crawl and analyze your site to detect SEO issues. It’s a desktop program which people don’t know of. It’s a useful tool.

Bing Website SEO Analyzer

The Bing Website Analyzer works very well with the Bing Webmaster Tools. It detects and analyze your on-page Bing SEO.

All you have to do it fill in your site’s URL and let it generate ways for you to further improve your rankings.

Bing’s SEO Ranking Factors

Now that you’ve gotten all of the tools. It’s time we moved to the part we’ve been waiting for… Bing’s ranking factors and the differences between Bing and Google.

Importance of Social Signals

Google has changed over the past few years; BACKLINKS are NOT categorized as one of the major ranking factors anymore.Bing SEO Social Signal

But social signals are becoming more and more important nowadays. It’s the same here at Bing.

It’s how active they see your content are, you get rank well when your content is like “hot news”.

But bear in mind that Bing’s ranking factor takes social signal more seriously compared to Google.

So use this to your advantage as it’ll benefit both your rankings in Bing and Google in the end of the day anyway.

Optimizing Domains Name with Keywords

Just like Google, having your keywords or relevant meaning words in your domain will help you in SEO. Not a major ranking factor, but it’s good to know if you’re shopping for a domain.

Note: Don’t try to register the exact domain name and your keywords. Because Google filters for exact match domain names too. So it’s better if you get something related to the site and not the exact name to avoid Google’s filter instead.

Domain Age Is Page Authority In BingYoung Vs Aged Domain

Sadly, ranking young domains are much harder in Bing than it is in Google.

It is much harder to rank a new domain in Bing than it is in Google. Having an aged domain will give you an extra leg up across Bing’s results.

So if you haven’t started anything yet, you might want to consider looking into expired domains.

High Quality Content & Keyword Density Must Be Tip Top

Just like Google, Bing also likes sites with loads of unique content. Bing likes content “the longer the better… the more engaging” too.

It’s practically all the same drill, don’t do anything hasty like offering Bing duplicated content. Yes, I said Bing’s ranking algorithm is not as powerful and complex as Google.

But you’ll be triggering Google Panda by doing so even if you were able to escape Bing’s algorithm.

Basically, just do the same thing you’ve been doing at Google. You’ll be just fine.

Click Through Rates (CTR) Is Crucial

Ranking algorithms are always connected one way or another. Click through rate also matters in Bing, that’s why Bing likes high quality unique content.

Bing analyzes your site’s CTR to determine your search ranking too. Plainly speaking, if your website’s topic gets more CTR compared to someone else’s. You’ll be ranking higher than them in Bing (provided if you’ve met other ranking factors requirements too).

So make sure your content is not robotic that’ll get people bored easily. Make it as easy to read as possible.

Bing Authorship (Google Authorship)

At first, Google released an authorship program where people can claim rights to content that they have written. It’s also to reduce Google’s work load being able to determine who really in the true guru in that particular field or niche.

In that case, Bing released its own version of authorship after they collaborated with Klout.

Bing’s Authorship will allow the search results to show your social media profiles, Klout score, recent most influential topics and etc.

Anchor Text Is A Huge Factor

Yes, Bing places very high value to “editorial” content. That said, it means they place a lot of attention on anchor texts.

But Bing is not as powerful and advanced as compared to Google. So when it comes to keyword matching, webmasters will be highly specific in their anchor text.

However, there’s a catch here which is a little tricky. You’ll have to find a balance in being high specific. Because you don’t want to be over specific till the point where you’ll trigger Google Penguin’s spam filter.

So the perfect solution to this “balancing” problem here is to ensure that the links are only coming from high authority sites, which are very “specific” in their anchor text just like how you want it.

That way, you can rank without any worries of any spam filter or penalties.

Site’s General Code StructureGeneral Site Structure

In one of Bing’ algorithm update, Bing prefers sites to be easily accessible. That means, they want sites that shouldn’t be more than three (3) layers deep from the site’s homepage.

For example, the layers of your site should be like this at most: Homepage > Tutorials > How To Dance Like A Pro > Techniques.

The Usual On-Site Optimization

There’s nothing much to worry about here. Bing SEO and is about the same as Google’s On-Page SEO.

Here’s a quick reminder, try your best to enter your meta description and tags including your content’s focus keyword.

Also, don’t abuse H1 tags… you should only have one H1 tag per page in order to establish the site’s content title. Then followed by H2 and H3 tags which are sub-topics of the main content.

Avoiding & Identifying Bing Penalties

There’s not much to be said about Bing compared to Google. But like I said earlier, Bing is still not as powerful as Google’s search algorithm yet. That also means Bing’s algorithm is way more lenient compared to Google.

There are certainly no crazy black and white animal updates to deal with here!

Identifying A Bing Penalty

Just like Google again. Bing has made things very easy for you if you ever wanted to check on your site’s status, penalties and etc.

Head over to Bing’s Webmaster Tools, then select on the “Summary Tool” menu.

After the site’s done loading, look for “Site Status”. Well, I guess you can tell what’s happening if it says “Blocked”. If you still don’t get it, you should be pretty worried that your site’s been penalized.

Here’s a post from Bing teaching you how to self-revive and get out of a penalty for your site.

Why Would You Ignore Free Traffic?

Thanks to Firefox’s browser update, Bing is growing stronger and stronger each day. But why would you want to let go free traffic which requires only a small amount of your time doing Bing SEO.

Wouldn’t you want the other 20-30% of the world (people using Yahoo and Bing) to see your site too? I would think that we wouldn’t be full optimizing our site if we were to just optimize it based on Google’s ranking algorithm.

The whole change happened when Firefox changed their default browser to Yahoo in the United States. Imagine if Firefox decides to make it global in the future?

Wrapping It Up

I hope you liked this helpful post. It’s easy to do Bing SEO and can be another source of traffic driven to your site easily. Because Bing’s ranking algorithm is a lot easier compared to Google’s.

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