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Most webmasters neglect their site’s speed but with managed WordPress hosting… you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You can simply increase conversions with managed WordPress Hosting.

It’s not just about enabling Content Delivery Network (CDN). That’s almost like a type of extension or piggyback for your site.

Please get this clear, I’m not saying CDN doesn’t help boost your site speed and reduce load time of web pages.

But why not we take a step back and find the main reason or root cause why your site’s speed isn’t fast enough to load your web pages.

By saying root cause, start by boosting your speed from the starting point which is by checking your web hosting company server’s speed?

Do some comparison with other web hosting companies. Or, save all the time and continue reading my post.

Increase conversions with Managed WordPress Hosting, ever heard of this? For those of you that are unsure about managed WordPress hosting, it’s actually the same as your usual web hosting.

Just A LOT FASTER with better support, increased security and more.

Why I strongly recommend you to use managed WordPress hosting?

Simple, on my previous post I explained about site speed means conversion. And by conversion, it means traffic and sales. Which also means making more money.

It’s the same as building a house, you’d have to build a strong foundation before you can start stacking and adding more floors to it.

Construct your site well before it is able to drive more traffic to your site due to better user experience.

It is a must for all webmasters to make sure their site has good loading speed. Plus it should also have to be able to handle large amount of visitors per day.

There won’t be a point not being able to handle traffic coming to your site, your website will never thrive.

In This Post, You Will Learn

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Why and when you can increase conversions with managed WordPress hosting.

Pros and cons of using managed WordPress hosting.

About the limitations of managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting, is it really worth the cost?

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a type of service where all technical issue and problems of WordPress is handled and managed by the host itself.

To put it simple, managed WordPress hosting is to help handle the well being of your website, which allows you to be able to focus solely on content creation.

Managed WordPress handles your site’s backup, site security, speed optimization, updates, up-time and scalability.

Managed WordPress hosting are also very big on their premium support. Should you have any questions, ask their WordPress experts and technicians rather than a customer service assistant that only knows a little bit of this and that.

Why and When Do You Really Need Managed WordPress Hosting?

By the time you read this, most of you would probably know that the prices of managed WordPress hosting is a little higher than the standard shared hosting as low as 2.50 bucks per month.

Now, you’re probably starting to wonder… Why you can increase conversions with managed WordPress hosting and is it really worth it to pay a little more than the usual? Which managed WordPress hosting company provides the best services.

I’ll be explaining everything you have to know about managed WordPress hosting below.

So Why Use Managed WordPress Hosting?

There’s only a few reasons to use managed WordPress hosting. That is, to be able to handle large amount of traffic and speed up your site at the same time for better user experience.

Note: Not being able to handle traffic will eventually end up crashing or slowing down your site tremendously.

Managed WordPress hosting also provides full technical support so you don’t have worry about technical issues. Let’s not forget that you can increase conversions with managed WordPress hosting!

So When Do You Really Need Managed WordPress Hosting?

If you’re a beginner who is starting a blog, then you DO NOT need to increase conversions with managed WordPress hosting, because you simply do not have the large amount of traffic coming into your site yet. You should then start with the regular WordPress hosting which is a step down in pricing.

If you have read my previous posts, I would strongly recommend HostGator as they are a very stable and reliable WordPress hosting provider.

Basically, if your website is a form of business, and you can’t afford it to crash frequently or at all, then why not come out with just a few more extra bucks monthly for the support provided by managed WordPress hosting.

But convert and increase conversions with Managed WordPress hosting only if and when you run a business, heavily trafficked website or heavy loading sites. The decision is based on your need and requirements.

When your site grows, technical issues may be a common problem occurring with regular web hosting providers (shared). Without Managed WordPress Hosting, you are responsible for the site’s update, uptime, security and more.

It wouldn’t be a good choice to hire a system administrator to help manage your site. You’d probably end up paying twice or more than compared to using Managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting is so much affordable and reasonable in pricing compared to hiring someone to get the job done. It’s so fast, hassle free plus they offer great customer support.

Pros and Cons of Using Managed WordPress Hosting

The Advantages Of Managed WordPress Hosting (Pros)

Incredible Speed

WordPress sites will eventually become slower as the amount of content and plugins increase. But with Managed WordPress, it will actively monitor and make immediate optimization when possible to ensure the site’s speed do not worsen.

Managed WordPress are made to withstand even the heaviest load of traffic.

Site Speed Optimization is very important. Sites with fast speed are able to convert traffic to  reader subscription and sales easily.

Don’t forget that good site speed also helps you to rank better in major search engines.

Why? Because search engines consider good site speed as better user experience to your visitors.

Managed WordPress Hosting have server level caching and custom server configurations which in short also means it will give your site the best performance it can.

With the built in sever level caching, you don’t have to worry about installing caching plugins for your site anymore.

Premium Support

We don’t pay more for managed WordPress only to enjoy its cool features. Unlike normal Web hosting, the customer support staffs here are very experienced and knowledgeable.

They know the system inside and out and can help solve all technical problems at any level of  stack of WordPress sites.

They can also teach you to further optimize your site for better performance, solve your technical issues easily, attend to your needs quickly and many more.

Not convinced? Then have you ever had technical issues with your site where the standard procedure and response was to ask you make sure your WordPress has been updated to the latest version. Or restore your site back to when it had no issues.

Worse still, they tell you the system is fine and throw the problem back to you.

Advanced Security

Now, I guess you would want your site to be integrated with many layers of enhanced security. With managed WordPress Hosting, rest assured. They’ve got that covered.

Your website will be hacker-proof, I’m not kidding… Have you ever heard of a webmaster’s managed WordPress hosting site getting compromised? Guess not.

Managed WordPress will scan and block all hacking attempts at once. You don’t have to worry about threats like DDoS attacks in the future. You’ll only get these features here.

Shared hosting only provides basic security, they will not be able to survive advance or bigger attacks.

Popular sites will occasionally get attacked and their hosting providers will fix and remove the issue or bug or restore your website without any additional charges.

Improved Uptime and Scalability

Your website will most probably never crash or fail due to overloading traffic (visitors) because your site is scaled to be able to handle hundreds and thousands of viewers automatically by using managed WordPress host compared to a shared hosting.

After months and months of hard work, there will come a day when your site finally makes it. In short, it’s when your site have thousands of viewers daily.

This is when your dearly beloved site will go downhill crashing because it’s platform is not able to support the number of incoming visitors at once. That is why managed WordPress hosting comes into play before any of this problems happen.

Automated Backups and Updates

Another great feature about managed WordPress Hosting is that they backups your database daily.

The automated daily backups also comes with easy steps to restore. Some providers even offer the “one-click restore” feature which will revive your site in minutes.

Speaking of automated backups, managed WordPress hosting also provides automated update that makes sure your site has the latest version of WordPress installed at all times. This’ll make also help to keep your site more secure.

Dev Tools are also one of the feature of managed WordPress hosting. But keep in mind that not all providers integrate the following features like staging area and others.

The Disadvantages Of Managed WordPress Hosting (Cons)

It’s likely I’ve made the advantages to sound quite convincing, but are there any downsides to Managed WordPress Hosting? Continue reading then…

With Great Features and Support Comes A Bigger Price Tag

To increase conversions with Managed WordPress hosting is outright more expensive compared to shared hosting in the market, there’s no hiding it.

But you’re still better off getting this service to increase conversions with managed WordPress hosting than to hire a website administration manager.

Then again, If you’re seriously running an online business, then of course the monthly extra cost will be more than justified.

The package’s price for managed WordPress hosting will generally increase as the amount of traffic support increases.

For bigger websites, They will eventually upgrade to Virtual Private Servers (VPN) because it  shares lesser resources compared to managed WordPress hosting. However, the price starts from $150 and above.

On the surface, you’d probably be looking at the price comparison. Seems so unfair?

Yes, but with $25 a month than the $3-$6 it provides so many additional features and services. Not to forget, a much better performance too.

Solid But Inflexible Platform Base

As you already know there are limitations for plugins. With managed WordPress hosting, also means you can only use WordPress as your host (platform).

Other platforms like Joomla or Drupal are not supported on managed hosting.

But hey, you shouldn’t have a problem with this because since you’re looking to “Increase Conversions with Managed WordPress Hosting” right? Therefore you’ll significantly run your site on a WordPress server.

With managed WordPress, you will have less control to your site, since the server has it all covered and under control.

But if you look on the bright side of this then… You won’t ever have to get your hands dirty managing the website all by yourself.

Okay, I guess by now you would have known the benefits and drawbacks to increase conversions with managed WordPress hosting, you can decide for yourself whether it meets your requirements.

Finally after reading this post, you have to decide whether to use managed WordPress hosting as you have to take the cost of this hosting service into account.

If your one of your priority is to run your site at a low cost, then you should consider getting a not-managed WordPress hosting (shared).

Plugins Limitations

Most managed WordPress hosting companies tend to block or restrict usable plugins that will cause your site to slow down.

They disable some of the performance plugins because it clashes with its server’s multi level caching.

Whilst this limits your plugin selections, it’s very likely done for your own benefit. Trust me.

Plugins like WP Total Cache, a well known performance improvement plugin are disabled. But don’t worry, like I said… managed WordPress hosting has its own multi level caching which is actually greater than any other performance plugin.

Is Managed WordPress Hosting Worth The Extra Cost?

It’s not a myth nor surprise that WordPress is most popular platform for blogs. Its monthly subscription fee goes up to eight times the cost of a standard shared hosting.

But with the number of benefits mentioned above compared to a standard shared hosting server, it definitely does worth the extra cost not forgetting the massive amount visitors it is made to handle.

Wrapping It Up

In the end of the day, using managed WordPress hosting depends solely on your needs and requirements.

Basically if you are running a business or a large number of visitors flowing into your site, you’d need to have a managed WordPress platform.

Others prefer to have a secure and faster loading website for better user interface and experience.

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