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Drive More Organic Traffic Using Google Analytics

If you really know how to fully utilize Google Analytics, then the data generated will be worth a lot more than just your usual so called “traffic generation secrets”. With Google Analytics, you will be driving more organic traffic than your ordinary traffic.

Driving traffic from Google’s search engine is also known as organic traffic.

In This Post, You Will Learn

How Google Analytics help drive more organic traffic to your website.

What kind of Google Analytics data should that you should concentrate on?

Focus on websites that sends the most traffic to your website.

Publish whatever you want as long as it is on high traffic days.

Focus and produce contents that your visitors like most.

How Google Analytics Help Drive More ORGANIC Traffic to Your Website

I’m sure there are hundreds or thousands of articles and blog posts about the benefits of Google Analytics, how it can help drive traffic to your site, how it can help you detect a penalty from Google or even how to set up and use Google Analytics the right way on the Internet. 

It is essential to set up Google Analytics the minute we start our website in order to analyze and track all sorts of traffic sources. But I see a big portion of webmasters which I’m referring to the beginners don’t bother setting up Google Analytics for their website.

I call it lack of experience and knowledge at this field because they clearly don’t know the importance of using Google Analytics and how it can benefit you in so many ways, one of it being driving more organic traffic to your site.

In this post, you will learn how to increase your site’s organic traffic by using Google Analytics’ data.

Yes, it is all possible to increase your search engine traffic aka organic traffic using Google Analytics. If you think you’re already very satisfied the traffic your site is getting, no harm reading this new trick which not many webmasters use to drive more traffic.

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It’s also FREE to sign up for this tool, all you need to have is a Google account which is very easy to create even if you don’t have an account.

I’ve learnt about this new way to drive traffic using Google Analytics based on discussions among internet marketers and through experience.

As we all know, Google created the Google Analytics tool to help webmasters collect and track all of their traffic data. The Google Analytics tool is free and is encouraged to be used by all webmasters.

It is able to state all information of your traffic and this includes new, unique and returning visitors, the amount of time spent on your site and others. You can also view the overview data of everything.

Not having traffic for a website is a webmaster’s greatest fear, it is also one of the hardest targets to achieve for a website. So if you have any ideas to grow your site’s traffic, please use them all.

What Kind of Google Analytics Data Should That You Should Concentrate On

Google Analytics is pretty confusing and sometimes you might get lost while playing around with it. Because the amount of data tracked and analyzed can be can be used in so many different ways by looking at the amount of data tracked and stored.

These data are tracked and used by website’s in different ways, due to their keywords and niche of their site. Here’s some analytic data that you need to know regardless of the niche that you are in to do your basic analytical research to drive traffic.

#1 Content: It is good to always know what pages are getting the most traffic and hence your readers/visitors favorite topics or products. Then have fun and create more of that!

#2 Visitors: You should a analyze whether you have more returning visitors compared to new visitors. You can change your marketing and content creation’s direction if you’re always see small percentages of returning visitors compared to new visitors.

#3 Visits: Find out which days your site receives more traffic than the others. These targeted days will allow you to publish your contents or launch a promotion on the right timing or when most traffic comes your way.

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#4 Traffic Source: Traffic source can mean a lot things, but I’ll be stressing on Keywords which is one of the most crucial point. As for keywords, finding the best keywords will help drive most traffic to your site. You’d have to start trying many relevant keywords and optimizing your website around keywords that shows the most keywords to maximize search engine traffic.

Understand these Google Analytics factors to help boost your site’s organic traffic. Now, I’ll further explain on use your data to start seeing some real impact in traffic generation.

Focus On Websites That Sends The MOST Traffic to Your Website

Websites that refers you the most traffic usually has a great potential to send you even more traffic. If you’re going to play around with the settings and never settle down with a solid plan, you will be wasting a lot of your time, effort and not to mention sales.

Here are a few steps you can take to help track and analyze the traffic sources of your site. With these steps, you will be able to see your traffic and sales improve tremendously.

  1. First, head over to “Traffic Sources” report in your Google Analytics account and then move your cursor to the “Top Referring Sites”.
  2. List down and decide the sites that are on the top of your “Top Referring Sites” list, then target the selected sites and put your attention and focus there. Even if it’s a Guest Blog that got you one of the highest traffic, request to guest blog for that particular webmaster again.
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  3. Regarding the advertisement on your website, say if banner ‘X’ is always earning you twice as much compared to banner ‘Y’? I would suggest that you should start changing ads to see whether you can improve the current situation.
  4. As for social media management, if your Twitter is showing more results compared to Facebook, then by all means spend more time on Twitter. Do not waste your time trying to bring your Facebook profile up to speed with Twitter. You will only end up wasting more time. Besides, you can save more time if you put more of your efforts on one social media account.
  5. If you coincidentally have an unknown website as one of your top referring sources, you should really consider reaching out to them and see if you can partner with them in blog posts, services, etc. As a blogger, it is very important to have networking. Building relationships between bloggers.

You should treasure your “Referral Sources”, without them referring traffic to your site, you’ll lose a portion of your traffic instantly. That is why building relationship with one another is important.

Publish Whatever You Want As Long As It Is On High Traffic Days

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Are Mondays, Fridays or even Sundays the best time to publish your articles, promotion, etc. Whenever your site receives most traffic, that’ll be the day you publish your contents. Knowing your high and low traffic days for your site will prevent you from losing precious visits and sales.

You can determine your highest traffic days by reviewing your “Visits” report in your Google Analytics account. Take advantage of these days and use my methods to further the cause.

Publish blog articles, news, events, promotions, social media networking, and more on high traffic generation days.

Thus on low traffic days, spend your time to do some cleaning up, fix site errors, updates, site audit, web customization and others.

Work smart, not hard. You will see results. It’s quite easy really.

Focus and Produce Contents That Your Visitors Like Most

Find out what content from your website is drawing a lot of attention of making your visitors come back. Place your efforts creating more of those content, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear very soon.

Log into your Google Analytics account and head over to the “Top Pages” report section. Then look for the top 5 pages visited over the past 3-5 months. Start creating your contents around these top 5 pages’ topics.

Repeat the idea once you’ve finished your content creation of a content and move on to the next. Here’s a few ideas for you to strategize.

  1. Publish blog articles only with popular topics of your site.
  2. Your social media activities should focus more on promoting and engaging your “hot” topics to your readers more than your normal topics.
  3. If your popular topic can be monetized in any way possible, start promoting products and services that relates to your hot topic to your visitors. But make sure whatever you’re doing has quality, you wouldn’t want to lose your visitors trust right?

Losing their trust also means you’ll soon have bad reputation and everything you’ve built starts to deteriorate.

Wrapping It Up

All that said above, I’m sure you now see the Google Analytics tool very differently. With all the benefits to drive organic traffic using Google Analytics, I would recommend you to use this tool to review and check on your site’s health on a monthly or quarterly basis to keep you site stable, safe and secure.

Yes, take a whole day off from everything that you’re doing, perform a site audit or check and analyze your website’s traffic and overall report. Make necessary changes if needed to tweak and further help your site drive more traffic.

Google Analytics allows you to do so many things but its main feature is to track and collect data of your site’s traffic report. Make sure you use that feature to your advantage at all times.

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