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Do you have a strategy to convert more email subscribers? If you have one, is it converting well for you? Worry no more, I’ll be showing you how to further increase the rate of incoming email subscribers for your website with this simple strategy and hence increase your monthly rate of email subscribers.

In This Post, You Will Learn

How to convert visitors into email subscribers easily?

What is “Content Upgrades”?

Why Content Upgrades are so effective compared to the others?

How to setup content upgrades for your blog articles?

How To Attract Visitors To Subscribe To Your Email List

The basic marketing skills that you need is creating a really attractive opt-in that people cannot refuse. Then take the opt-in and promote it everywhere around your blog.

Below is an example:QuickSprout Homepage

This is the homepage on Neil Patel’s blog ( Neil’s opt-in says “easiest way to learn traffic generation…”

That’s one great way to catch visitor’s attention.

Plus, I have more ways on helping you convert more email subscribers. It’s called “Content Upgrades”, This will help you increase your email list conversion tremendously.

What is “Content Upgrades”

Content Upgrades are creating pieces of free and important content to offer to your readers as a freebie when you’re publishing articles and blog posting.

But don’t forget to mention to your readers that the article you published contains bonus information or tools that they can benefit them.

You can say something like “don’t miss out these important tips to help you further boost the rate of email subscribers signing up on your website”.

Once you’re satisfied with it. You’re ready to place the opt-in form within your blog posts for your readers to grab the bonus tip, at the same time subscribing to your email list.

That’s all to it, this is how you create a “Content Upgrade”.

For example:AudienceOps Call To Action

(’s Blog Posting has opt-in in the middle of the post to make sure you don’t miss it.

Neil offers to help teach you to drive more traffic to your website. But once you enter you URL, you’ll be asked to subscribe to him.

Interesting right?

Creating specific opt-in bonuses for separate blog posts may seem time consuming. But it’s very worth it. I only take about 20 minutes to create one opt-in. Just like that! You’ll be able to increase and convert more email subscribers.

Are there other ways to boost your email subscriber rate of registration? Answer is yes, I’m sure there are plenty of ways to do it. but so far this is the most effective way of increasing your email list.

Convert More Email Subscribers with Content Upgrades

Here’s a few things that I should point out, it is what makes content upgrades so powerfully effective.

#1. Treat The Opt-In Like A “Bribe”"Bribe" Speech

Why did do you treat it like a bribe? Well, because It all depends on what you write in the opt-in that makes your visitors go crazy and subscribe.

Using dedicated opt-ins are by far the best and most effective way to offer your readers bonus tips based on the content you produced and also what your readers are looking for.

Or you can use the opt-in as a part of the article. Meaning if your readers do not subscribe to you, the whole article would not make much sense and it’ll be a waste of time.

#2. Plain & Simple To See!

Opt-in forms are made to be very attractive and eye catching. You can usually see a header, some points to support the call-to-action and maybe a picture. That’s all. Plain and simple but eye catching.

It’s the best way to persuade, “trick’ or “deceive” your visitors to be converted into a subscriber. Whatever you want to call it. It works in every way. As long as you’re producing high quality content then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Imagine if you use Content Upgrade as an add on together with opt-in forms. Some marketers have said that their email subscriber’s signing up rate has increased over 300% by using this method.

Putting these content upgrades into your blog posting articles will constantly remind them not to miss out on the “gold” that you’re giving away. It can be your sales pitch too.

Well, think of it as your blog articles’ are landing pages, and the content is your sales pitch to push your visitors into downloading your tips and hence signing up as a subscriber.

#3. A Method That’s Not Annoying

Nobody likes annoying pop ups thrown at their face every time they click something. Over using feature boxes, slide-in forms and other pop up features will only away scare your visitors.Annyoing Popups

But make sure you do not offer them something else that does not relate to the topic that they’re reading on your website. You’re only interrupting their focus and downgrading the standard of your website.

The only thing you should do is to get your content upgrade to “camouflage” or I should say fit in nicely inside your content.

Note that content upgrade does not interrupt your readers because it doesn’t function as a pop up. It is built in (embedded) together with the article.

How To Setup Content Upgrades For Your Blog Posts

Top bloggers set up content upgrades for their blog using their own different and unique ways.

I’ve prepared some ways to set up content upgrades for you to choose and see which suits you best.

Content Upgrades By WordPress Plugins

There are a few WordPress plugins that you can purchase and then download use.

Thrive Leads   –   OptinLinks   –   Content Upgrades PRO

I use Thrive Leads simply because it converts well and has an easy interface. I’ve heard very good reviews on OptinLinks too. However, I’m not sure about Content Upgrades Pro as I’ve never used them before.

Content Upgrades By Using Online Service

So far these two services online offer great content upgrade features.

LeadPages (LeadBox)   –   SumoMe

Both are equally good. So it depends on your personal preference if you were to use this.

But I know there’s a lot of webmasters out there using Lead Pages (Lead Box) compared to SumoMe. So I can assure you that LeadPages’ are awesome.

The price of LeadPages may be a big difference compared to other softwares because it has many features to play around with (expect content upgrade).

It doesn’t matter if which service you choose. The set-up is pretty much the same. But let me show you the basics of setting up a form.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Pop-Up Form

Now, first thing to do is to create an email subscription form based on the topic of your article, then think of a bonus tip that you can offer.

Don’t worry if about the designs, you’ll be provided free pre-designed templates to use. You can take it as a reference to create your own template too.

This is an example of LeadPages editor.LeadPages Example

Step 2: Placement Of The Newly Created Leads

Link your newly created forms to your email service providers and then configure the location to add your new subscribers to.

Go for popular email service providers like AWeber, Constant Contacts and MailChimp for easy integration.

Step 3: Placing Your Forms At The Right Places

Once you’re done customizing these precious email forms, you’ll be given an embed code for you to place it anywhere you want in the article.

Please take note of this point that I’m about to mention. Not all methods or templates allow you to embed the forms into the article (blend-in), others will not embed the forms but instead it will only embed a button. The forms will only appear when your visitors click on the button.Embeded Forms To Convert More Email Subscribers

But you can also use the 2 in 1 feature which is to not let your visitors see email forms that they’re so familiar of. Show them the “Click To Get Access Now!” or “Download Now!” button first, the email forms would only pop up when they click on the buttons provided.

Top blogger Pat Flynn is also using the 2-in-1 strategy on his blog. This has helped him increase his monthly email subscriber rate by a good 25%.

Step 4: Giving The Gold Speech (Bonus) & Convert More Email Subscribers

There are hundreds of ways to deliver your speech. Everyone has their own way of promoting their content. Here’s some common ways to do it just to let you have the hang of it.

The most logical thing a marketer should do is to place all their bonuses after the subscription page. The part where you say “Thank You for Subscribing”. Give them the tips after their subscriptions, they deserve it (if you know what I mean).

NEVER lie to your readers, they will take the trouble to unsubscribe from your email list if you ever do it. In other words, give them what you promised.

To do so, you can always bonus tips’ link to the visitor’s email address at the time they confirm their subscription to your email list.

I personally store my tips at the “Thank You” page and If you’re just starting out with this strategy, I would suggest you to simply store all your bonuses on the “thanks for subscribing” page. From my experience this is the most convenient way to do it.

Wrapping It Up

Well, you’ve read everything I have to show in this post. Believe me, opt-in, content upgrades and landing pages all coverts better than anything else.

Yes, try calculating your before and after’s rate of incoming email subscriber and you’ll be happy that you actually did something that’s correct.

I do know plugins like Content Upgrades Pro offers 100% money back guarantee if no results were shown.

That goes to show how powerful these tools are and that they’re very confident or almost completely tell you guys that there is no such thing as failing when using these plugins.

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