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Traffic is very easy to achieve, especially when it’s your first 100,000 visitors. Although it is one of the biggest fear and hurdle for most webmasters. The first thing you can do to drive traffic is to create high quality content.

So what do I mean by high quality? High quality means producing articles that helps people. Help them solve problems and they’ll be more than happy to come back and learn more. Plus, they won’t think twice when asked to share your content.

Gaining traffic may be the hardest hurdle for every webmaster, but I know for a fact that if you follow my steps very carefully. Driving 100,000 visitors to your website can be achieved quickly with the right combination of content and audience (traffic).100,000 Visitors

While reading this post, please remember that traffic only comes in slowly at first. For example, you’ll get 100 visitors a day at first, then you’ll see your traffic growing gradually to 10,000 over time and so on.

You will not see a drastic change immediately when dealing with organic search traffic (traffic from major search engines).

Unless you have paid traffic, advertisements for your website. What I’m going to show you here is to generate traffic organically. Which means you don’t have to pay for your traffic.

It’s about working smarter and not harder. If you have successfully started a website and have been gaining good traffic ever since. I bet you’ll have no problem starting your second website.

In This Post, You Will Learn

Is it easy for you to get 100,000 visitors fast?

Domain and blog setup.

Full SEO configuration.

Tools you’ll need to achieve massive amount of traffic.

Actions to be taken.

Domain & Platform

Owning Your Own Domain Name with a Self-Hosted WordPress Platform

Why? Have you ever see a free blog such as Blogger or WordPress(.com) ranking as #1 or top 10 in Google? The answer is “hardly”

Because Google’s ranking algorithm will automatically rate that private domains have better quality due to excess ( or ( websites around.

So what should you take into consideration when choosing a good domain name? Read my guide on “How To Choose Your Perfect Domain”.

Full Site Optimisation (SEO)

Making Sure Your Website is SEO Friendly For Better Performance

Websites with WordPress platforms are usually already quite SEO-friendly by default. But I’m here to show you how to fully maximise the SEO-friendliness of a website for better indexation in search engines.

Here’s one of the settings that you should tweak. Google likes content that are easy to read and understand is every aspect.

Now, head over to your “Settings” menu, click on “Permalinks” and then select “Post Name”. Why I asked you to do this?WordPress Permalinks

WordPress’ default permalinks structure is usually very long and inconvenient to read. It’s usually a mixture of name and dates of your post. But it’ll be much easier for everyone to read when it is set to post name only right?

Trust me, Google judges. You can read more on how I configure my website to maximise SEO here. I will usually go for custom settings to further the performance.

Of course it is fine if your website already contains many existing post and it’ll be very tedious to change all your permalink structures to prevent “page not found errors”. But remember to start doing it from today onwards.

Site Speed Optimization

If your website takes 20 seconds to load, would you think you’ll ever rank well in Major search engines? Getting your 100,000 visitors will take ages as well. Site speed is one of the most important ranking factor.

When you have speed, it automatically means that your site has better user experience. Because Google only send visitors to websites that loads very quickly. Here’s something for you to refer to, if your site takes longer than 3 seconds to fully load. Then your website’s speed is a problem.

To test your site’s load speed, you can use Pingdom Tools, they produce very accurate results. You can test the load speed at various locations. But make sure the overall of your site’s speed is good.Pingdom Speed Test

Get MaxCDN Content Delivery Network now to speed up your site instantly. Plus, some other ways to further the help to increase your site’s load speed.

Reducing The Size (Kb/Mb) of Your Images

Picture and images are always one of the heaviest file size that causes your site to slow down. If your website’s images are considered big or if you still insist in reducing the size to help reduce load time.

Here’s a list of image optimizers for you to choose. Your images should be less than (<) 50Kb. That should be the optimal image size.

Cache & Compress Everything!
Caching your website is another great to help reducing site load speed. You can use this well-known WordPress plugin, W3 Total Cache. Understand the plugin, it is very easy to use.

The next step after caching your website is compressing it. This part is a little bit tricky, if you’re using a good web hosting provider, then I think you shouldn’t have a problem trying to seek their advice and help to further your site’s speed.

Because server technicians from your web hosting providers can help you enable the “GZIP” function. When things are compressed. File sizes are smaller, which also means the reduction of load time.

System Fonts Are Speed

Maybe you didn’t know that you have to use Google Fonts or at least web safe fonts for better loading speed for your website.Google Fonts

A large portion of people, especially those with fashion or designer websites like to use self-hosted fonts which most probably will take longer to load compared to the normal fonts.

Then again, do make sure that you use fonts that suits your branding and at the same time easy to read.

Fonts like Arial and Georgia are commonly used by webmasters because it allows people to read with ease. Let your visitors feel familiar to the content that they’re reading through “font expression”.

Plugins & Tools To Achieve Your 100,000 Visitors

Social sharing has a part to play in in achieving your first huge amount of 100,000 visitors. I would say a big portion of the traffic generated will be from people sharing your articles, product or services on social media.WordPress Plugins

Mathematically speaking, if you have 1000 visitors reading your content and 10% of the readers (usually more) actually shares your content on their social networks. It’ll already be 100 shares on that particular content.

After sharing the content, let’s just say everyone that shared the content only had one (1) friend that actually read your post. And there you already earned an extra 100 visitors. Which is often much higher because I’m counting ridiculously low.

New people that was referred to your site might end up sharing your content again to their friends. See the endless possibilities?

Social sharing has the chain effect. Once you have the base, you’ll be able to generate unlimited amount of traffic. Yes, UNLIMITED! More than your target of a 100,000 visitors.

It’s even easier when you have a strong email list (subscribers).

How to make people share your content? Start writing high quality content if you haven’t done so. People will start sharing if your content is really good.

But, please make sure you have easy accessible social sharing buttons for people to hit share easily. Without it, even though your content is great… you’re doomed.

#1) Digg Digg Social Sharing
I use this plugin to set up social sharing buttons to your header, footer or sidebar. It’s fully customizable. Comes with many other features too. You can place it anywhere you want, all you have to do is place the code at the preferred area.

#2) Pretty Link (Short Codes)
This is a very simple plugin. Its function is to help you shorten the links that you share. It is very useful when it comes to social sharing sites like twitter, they tend to limit your number of characters per tweet.

So basically, Pretty Link allows you to explain more about your content by shortening long URLs.

#3) SEO By Yoast
This is the best SEO plugin. I’ve tried all of the other SEO plugins personally. None of them can come close or compete with Yoast SEO. It’s the most complete and accurate optimizer. Made to improve your WordPress blog’s search engine performance.WordPress Yoast SEO Editor

Since Yoast SEO is the best, beginners or average webmasters will have problem with the plugin’s interface due to its complexity of settings.

You wouldn’t be able to understand it at first. Don’t worry, at least you’re trying right? Here’s a full SEO plugin guide by Yoast. Follow the instructions accordingly.

This plugin will help play a big part to help achieve the 100,000 visitors target. Then constantly driving more traffic until your blog or website dies. Why? Google helps drive organic traffic to your site.

Organic traffic is what every webmaster is going after. It’s FREE traffic.

#4) W3 Total Cache
Just a recap, this plugin will help you Improve the speed of your site’s load time.

Speed is a ranking factor so please try not to ignore the site speed configuration. Google bots can crawl your site easily the faster the pages of your site load.

Actions To Be Taken

Building Relationships with Influencers (Bloggers & Marketers)

You don’t want to be getting useless traffic that does not convert. Because I’m trying to make your first 100,000 visitors worth while. Networking with power bloggers and marketers is one of the “must-have” strategies in order to drive targeted traffic quickly.

If you’re able to apply this method on your blog, you’ll end up saving so much more time than you have to do it alone. Utilize this strategy. Other bloggers want your traffic too, so just treat it like an exchange.

There’s two (2) ways for you to build good relationships:

Guest Post Blogging

This will be the easier one between the two ways that I’ll be showing you. Guest posting in a power blog will also help drive traffic into your site. You can visit good blogs that follow to check whether they offer guest blogging opportunities.

Make sure you follow their guidelines and instructions to avoid many rounds of revision or none at all and end up wasting all your time writing a guest post because it wasn’t published.

Once your article is published, the incoming traffic flow generated from a guest post can be eye popping due to the power blogger’s followers.

Make sure you don’t do guest posting blindly, as in you write a great post but you forget to insert a link-back to your blog. Then guest posting would be pointless.

You can also search for “Guest Posting” phrases on Google to see if there’s any writing opportunity that suits your blog.Google Submit A Guest Post Search

If you’ve read my post this far, means you’re really interested in what I have to show. Good, here’s what I’m going to teach you about guest posting.

Start by writing a high quality content with a minimum of 3,000 words including links, images and others. Then choose a blog to submit your article to them.

Pick something that they haven’t have, you can write topics that they already have but with a different point of view.

Round Up Post Blogging

Round up post are very valuable content. Although it may take up more time to do a round up post compared to guest posts.

You should first do some research on the top and power bloggers of your niche. Then you can send them simple emails asking about their opinions on a specific topic.

Gather at least 10 opinions from power bloggers and use this information gathered to write a round up post.

I use this exact strategy and contacted 20 top bloggers in my niche and ask them about their opinions about a common topic but at a different point of view and so on.

Then ask them to help you share the round up since you’ve mentioned them in the post. Imagine 10 bloggers sharing your content at the same time.

The amount of traffic coming in will be overwhelming. You’ll easily hit your first 100,000 visitors target in no time.

Straight To The Point Contents

Why would you want to waste your time writing content that doesn’t quite help your readers? Something like “fillers” in TV shows, we all hate that right? Same goes to your readers.

You can analyse what type of content your readers like after a few months. Then you should concentrate on creating more related content around that particular topic.

To track what your readers like most, you’ll have to use Google Analytics to do that. Google Analytics provides all sorts of data about your visitors.

List BuildingEmail Lists

Every good blogger will have an email list. That’s the only way to keep the traffic going. You can do a lot with email lists in your hands. Visitors can be converted into loyal subscribers over time with the right ingredients and it’ll be a big part of your traffic source in the future.

Interlinking Content Must Be Second Nature

Interlinking your blog’s content is also a great way to keep your readers interested and would go looking for more. That way, they’ll end up staying longer on your website. Here’s some interlink pages’ plugins for you to choose from.

SEO Smart Links (Interlink)
This plugin can select specific keywords form a selected content and will automatically create an interlink in your content. And maybe your readers will find other content interesting and ends up sharing it. It’s another way to increase the rate of hitting the 100,000 visitors target.

InLinks (Interlink)
This plugin does whatever SEO Smart Link does. Plus, it this plugin has an additional feature. These interlinks that you’ve set up can be used repeatedly and automatically when It detects the keywords that you entered.

Cross-Linker (Interlink)
The Cross Linker also links specific words of your choice in the content. But this is a more advanced plugin because it is able to link relevant content to comments left by visitors. Keywords can be fully customized and inserted by you.

Keeping Your Old Contents Alive

When your blog has more than 50 articles posted. It’s time you started to keep your older content updated or else who will read your old post buried at the back?

Please make sure your old contents are up to date, you don’t want to be promoting outdated material. Or else, your blog will start to lose reputation over time and then followed by readership.

People are always looking for reliable sources to find solutions from. You don’t want to lose their trust. Think about how hard it is to get to where you are.

Once you’ve made sure your contents are all updated, you can start promoting (re-sharing) your old articles in order to drive more organic traffic to your website.Google Freshness Algorithm

Organic traffic? Yes, Google uses the “Freshness Algorithm”. In other words, it means that it allows and likes websites that updates very frequently. Google take freshness into account as a ranking factor too.

Updating new or old content frequently is not just the only ranking factor under the “Freshness Algorithm”. There are other sub factors too. Here’s an article provided by Moz about the Google Freshness Algorithm.

Hot Content Automation

Before this I said to keep your old post updated and make sure to keep them “alive” right? Keep sharing but not until the amount that readers report you as spam. Because by promoting new or old content. You’ll be converting new readers into subscribers.

Make sure you make a point to ask your subscribers to help share your content to help boost the rate of getting your first 100,000 visitors easily.

Once your subscribers start to share. You’ll not only get traffic (new readers) from social shares coming in from every direction, you’ll be converting a lot of new readers into loyal subscribers at the same time too.

Try out this Evergreen Post Tweeter plugin to help in automating a small part of the process to help get things done in a shorter time.

Building Your Personal Website’s Community

Once you start getting a healthy amount of traffic monthly and when you have enough content to share. You can start a forum as part of your website to help and guide those who have questions, ideas or opinions. Your forum will be ranked in Google as well.

Remember, in order for your forum to be successful. It all depends on the amount of members joined.

It’ll will help drive more organic in the future too when there are a lot of interaction between members (Q&A sessions).

Consulting Works!

Once you’ve earned yourself a name or reputation. Meaning you’re a pro in that particular field. You can offer consulting sessions to people that need helps. Maybe even hold Webinars.

This is quite common for experienced webmasters to give consulting sessions to new comers because they just know their field too well.

Attract Visitors At First Sight

We want to maximise every aspect and every angle that we can get our hands on. What do I mean exactly when I Attract Visitors At First Sightmentioned “Attract Visitors At First Sight”.

For example, when you’re loading before going into someone’s website. The first loaded page, as in the page you see after finish loading before scrolling down to see the rest of the content.

Make sure that particular page of your blog is tweaked where your most important and eye catching contents are seen in order to reduce bounce rate. More visitors mean more subscribers for you. Achieving the 100,000 visitors in no time.

It’s a place where everyone will add their opt-in forms to get subscribers and more.

Basically, the page should be very easy to scan and read. Make sure the fonts are not too small nor too big. Use top power blogger’s website as reference.

Wrapping It Up

Getting your first 100,000 visitors is really not that hard. It’s definitely achievable and can be done by almost anyone that is willing to put effort into it.

Generating traffic for your website may be the most difficult hurdle for every webmaster but as long as you put in hard work. You’ll get there one day.

Remember when you’re creating content, think of what your readers want. Anything that has more page views than the other is worth the effort to create content around that particular topic.

Hope you enjoyed my article. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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