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We cannot start a website or blog without list building unless you can afford to spend a lot of money on advertising monthly. Every website needs visitors or readership. The correct way to keep growing the amount of visitors coming into your site is to do email list building.

Email list building is considered the most popular and affordable method used to get more visits and to your site monthly and monetizing them in the long run.

In This Post, You Will Learn

How to build your email lists fast and correctly?

How to get them to subscribe to your email list?

Offer them incentives to get their attention.

Offer them free eBook or free online course.

Don’t forget to remind our forgetful and ignorant visitors.

Try different offers and options.

How to start making money with your email list.

Utilizing your email list to the max.

How To Do List Building Fast & Correctly?

Creating an email subscription form is the first thing you should do, it is also the first step of email list building. In the meantime, engage your readers and write something that would catch their attention.

Landing Page or OptinMonster

You are recommended to use landing pages or optin forms to increase your conversions on email subscriber tremendously. Then you should sign up for mass email services like Aweber or MailChimp.AWeber Vs MailChimp

MailChimp is FREE but Aweber has better user interface and control.

Once you have done the whole set up and email subscription integration. Here comes the hard part. You have to try your best to “persuade” them to actually subscribe to your blog.

How To Get Them To Subscribe To Your Email List?

As you know, people don’t just join some website if it has anything that interest them. People wouldn’t want to waste their time cleaning up a bunch of useless junk in their email’s inbox too.

So, you have to “make” them like your content, products or other services you’re providing. They simply subscribe to your website or blog because they do not want to be checking at your website constantly for new update and releases.

Also because they want to be notified at once if there’s anything new that they should know about just to keep themselves updated.

Try this, think about what’s in for them? What can they benefit from this? What’s in it for them? Give them something good, and get something in return much greater!

Offer Them Incentives To Get Their Attention

It’s quite common to see webmasters writing “Hey! Don’t forget to subscribe”. Let’s put it the other way around. Would you subscribe to that website?

I don’t think so. The correct way is to write something like “Keep yourself up to date ‘X’ weekly” or “Get a free secret tip on how to make money online fast”. Then I would be confident that more readers will subscribe to your blog.

Find ways to benefit your readers and the same time benefiting yourself. It’s not that hard really. You’ll get used to it after a little practice.

Offer Them Free eBook or Free Online Course

I’m sure you know this trick too. Offering readers a free eBook, tip or online course is a very common trick used to draw attention and increase subscription rates.

“Subscribe and receive a free eBook on how to……!” always have proven to work very well. It is not a MUST to offer and give away tips or eBooks just to get readers to subscribe. But it will definitely boost your conversion rate.

Don’t Forget To Remind Our Forgetful and Ignorant Visitors

Your visitors are sometimes very forgetful or rather ignorant because they have a bad habit of clicking away the optin popup and continue straight into your content, services and others. So if your optin, landing page or subscription box is does not stand out, then it’ll be pointless.Subscribe Logo Example

Because you’ll be wasting your money on these landing pages and more importantly time. One thing that you’ll come to understand is that Internet surfers have extremely short attention span. If they don’t find anything interesting, they’ll just skip on and head over to other websites.

All that said, remind them with a “subscribe” button again at the end of each post. That way, you can reduce loss of subscriptions due to forgetfulness or short retention span.

Try Different Offers and Options

Try to use different types of landing pages, optin forms and offers. Play around with the templates and you can compare which type of page or strategy converts most for your site.

Different niches work differently, doesn’t mean that if you use the exact landing page technique for your Pet Website is going to convert as well as when you use it on a dance website.

So you’ll have to use the “trial and error” method to test things out and compare which plugin and strategy converts best for you.

How To Start Making Money with Your Email List

Well, here comes the fun part which is also the best part after all the hard work that you’d put in.

Once you have enough loyal followers (subscribers), you can start offering exclusive deals to your subscribers and make them feel like they are the VIP customers to your website.

At the same time, get their and feedback and point of view. Ask them what they want to produce more useful content.

I would recommend not you to “abuse” your email list building by blasting them with offers and promotions on products at first. Wait a little, build some relationship with them first. Give them good tips when they first join.

Then unleash your products of sale linking back to posts from your website when the time is right. You could certainly link to a relevant post or something else useful back on your site.


Here’s a list of ways you can use to plan and strategize plan:

  1. Often summarize your review and tutorials from your website to increase sales.
  2. Or you can link your page directly into your emails that will benefit your subscribers.
  3. Make sure you link to pages of your site that you can make money from. Like affiliate links.Incoming Traffic

Ultimately, all you have to focus on is to make sure they keep come back to your site. High flow of traffic is also a ranking factor in Google’s Search Engine Algorithm. Earning more visitors from organic traffic at the same time.

Utilizing Your Email List To The Max

Promoting New Content, Products, etc: Promote your newly published content or product every time it’s published. With a stable email list, you can easily start another website, help a friend or even sell your advertising services. Send your subscribers to whatever new site you have created.

Maybe giving them exclusive 3 months’ free subscription if you are starting some kind of service. But be careful of what you promote, sometimes your readers may not like it.

But it’ll be much easier for you to start your new website as you have already have a stable list of subscribers in your hands.

Promote Affiliate Products More: Affiliate marketing comes in when you have a good list building. Promote more means you’ll make more from it. Simple as that. But make sure it benefits your subscribers. Most importantly, make sure it relates to your niche.

Don’t promote blindly, I would recommend you producing a review and tutorial of the product before promoting the product of your choice. Then give them a “limited” discount offer. I know many affiliate products are able to use discount coupons.

Do Some Charity For Publicity: Yes, you heard me. Let’s say your website provides a free service or you contacted and wanted to help a charity website. You can always direct your loyal subscribers to their donation page to help them out in a small way. By doing so, you will further increase the reputation of your website and in return get more publicity.

You’ve probably never heard of this promotional strategy because it is one the hardest and least effective way. Most webmasters tend to do this very much later. But hey, think about it. You can get a website’s good grace in return.

They may help promote your website too in the future. Why not? Don’t forget to thank your loyal subscribers for helping out.

Wrapping It Up

Finally, just a few last reminders before signing off. Don’t ever try to spam your subscribers. Sending them emails 3 times a week maybe too much at times.

Also, don’t be desperate. What I meant was don’t paste your “subscribe” button everywhere. Your website won’t be as user friendly anymore right? Having a landing page, sidebar subscription box and the subscribe button at the end of every post is fairly good enough.

This is why having a good mailing list is so important. After you have your mailing list ready, you can do so many things with it that can profit you in ways you can’t imagine.

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