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One of the biggest problems that I find in bloggers and marketeers are neglecting their website’s speed. Slow loading times on your website can be a huge problem. Here’s when MaxCDN Content Delivery Network helps you out with site speed optimization.

Everyone is always paying attention to content creation, link building and social networking. And end up forgetting about user experiences.

Slow loading speed affects your traffic and conversions which also mean you’ll end up losing money. It will also result in the increase of your site’s bounce rate.

Without site speed optimization for your site, it’ll affect your ranking in Google tremendously. You don’t want to have your visitors to get frustrated about having to wait because website is taking too long to load right?

One of the easiest ways to improve site speed is with a content delivery network.

In This Post, You Will Learn

Why site speed so important?

What is a Content Delivery Network?

Why use MaxCDN compared to other CDN companies?

SEO Tips – Content Delivery Network.

MaxCDN’s review and case study (Site Speed Optimization).

How to easily set up Content Delivery Network with MaxCDN.

Why Is Site Speed Optimization So Important?

The longer your website takes to load, the chances of making more money, getting more reader subscriptions, social shares from readers and etc decreases.

Imagine if you lose a customer per day, you will be 30 customers every month (loosely speaking).

The biggest impact for website speed is on conversion. Reducing loading time will lessen the friction between your website and your readers.

Note that with every second of delay in load time can lead to the decrease in conversions by 9%! Why? Simple, nobody likes waiting. Everyone likes fast loading websites.

In 2010, Google have started to rate site speed as part of the ranking algorithm. If you follow the algorithm updates, then you should understand why Google are so obsessed with site speed.

But with MaxCDN Content Delivery Network, slow loading speed for your site is easily corrected and improved.

What Is A Content Delivery Network?

MaxCDN Content Delivery Network improves the load speed (speed optimization) of your site by distributing the content of a site across all servers in their globally.

Enabling CDN will help you save bandwidth and reduces load on your hosting server to prevent crashes.

Say your website is hosted in America and a reader from Australia visits it, the data of your content has to travel a very long way before being reach the specific location and then loaded up on the screen.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) mirrors your data from America to Australia’s database or the nearest database possible to the reader’s location.

This way, your page will load much faster as it does not need to travel such a long distance. Hence your website will be able to handle traffic spikes better.

So if a reader from Korea visits your website, the data of your site will be sourced from the Korean server. If a reader from Germany visits your site, data will be sourced from a German server (or the nearest server possible).

The good thing about Content Delivery Network (CDN) is that it only takes you 10-15 minutes to set up. After that, you won’t have to bother with it ever again.

CDN mirrors data such as JavaScript and CSS files, images and others.

Why Use MaxCDN Compared To Other Companies?

MaxCDN Content Delivery Network is one of the largest and leading providers of content delivery network.

MaxCDN have over 54 PoP locations of global peering network. 23 in North America and 31 in Europe.

They have also worked with leading ISPs to provide the best possible content delivery network for the whole of Asia and South America.

MaxCDN are also the provider of choice for many well known websites like Buy Sell Ads, StumbleUpon, The Next Web, Forbes, Yoast and many other major blogs.

MaxCDN was made easy to be integrated with platforms like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Vbulletin and others.

They also provide free 1-on-1 setup call sessions if you need help. Plus their customer support is available 24/7.

MaxCDN accounts have high security features. They are protected using SSL, proactive email alerts, IP whitelist, two-factor authentication and a complete activity log.

You can also add new members to your account so that they are able to add or modify zones without sharing your account details with anyone. This is very convenient for teams using same accounts.


Despite being one of the best, MaxCDN offers reasonable pricing too. It’s basic plan starts at $9 per month for 100GB bandwidth with a limit of two (2) zones.

On top of that, you can sign up for the annual subscription plan to get two months discounted for free. (Instead of paying $108, you only have to pay $90 yearly)

Although there are CDN services for WordPress that are free like CloudFlare. But can they support your websites properly?

SEO Tips – Content Delivery Network

MaxCDN mirrors (duplicates) your site’s content to be sent to servers around the world yes? As we all know, duplication is strongly hated by search engines.

MaxCDN made using the robots.txt option to stop Google and other major search engines from indexing any of your site’s content running through MaxCDN’s servers.

This is to avoid getting hit by a penalty for duplication. You can find this option in your account area and make sure you enable them as soon as you can.

MaxCDN Review & Case Study (Site Speed Optimization)

Let’s see if MaxCDN is really worth it… I did a case study to test things out.

I took 3 different URL’s from this website and compared it’s site speed with and without MaxCDN to see the difference.

Site Speed Test

These are the steps I took to conduct the tests for each URL-

  1. Run pages through WebPage Test (without MaxCDN)
  2. Run pages through Pingdom Tools (without MaxCDN)
  3. Record the initial readings
  4. Then I enabled MaxCDN
  5. Run the page through WebPage Test (with MaxCDN this time)
  6. Run the page through Pingdom Tools (with MaxCDN this time)
  7. Record the final readings.

Content Delivery Network Site Speed Optimization Results (MaxCDN)

I have tabulated the readings that I’ve recorded into the table below.

WebPage Test and Pingdom Tools Site Speed Optimization Test

Page Seconds Quicker % Quicker Seconds Quicker % Quicker
How To Start A Blog 3.96s 26.3% 2.77s 38.1%
Meaning of SEO 3.34s 39.1% 1.92s 58.6%
Managed WordPress 3.53s 35.6% 1.89s 57.9%

Notice that both reports show different load times. But MaxCDN has reduced the loading time of my website by an average of 3.61 seconds with WebPageTest & 2.19 seconds with Pingdom.

Not bad for 10 minutes work which instantly increases conversion rates & bottom line profits.

How To Easily Setup A Content Delivery Network with MaxCDN

Here’s how to set up MaxCDN’s Content Delivery Network for your website. It’s easy!

  1. Create a MaxCDN account. To do that, click here to sign up now! Your account will be fully functional immediately or a few minutes after signing up.
  2. Then create and add “Pull Zones” on your newly created MaxCDN account. Learn how to a create “Pull Zones” by following these instructions.

NOTE* Pull Zones are used to ‘pull’ files from your website and then ‘push’ them out to all servers globally.

  1. And finally, integrate MaxCDN with your website following the guides provided below based on your website’s platforms.

Integrating MaxCDN Into Your Website

Now, it’s time to integrate MaxCDN’s Pull Zone to your website.

It doesn’t matter if you are using WordPress or another platform like Drupal or Magento. The setup is about the same plus it’s quite straight forward.

Here’s the in depth step by step guide of every platform MaxCDN supports. Select your platform’s guide and start boosting your site.

This is really easy just follow the instructions for your website below-

·         WordPress

·         Magento

·         Drupal

·         Joomla

·         OpenCart

·         X-Cart

·         Prestashop

·         vBulletin

·         Invision Power Board

·         Social Engine

·         b2Evolution

·         Custom


That’s it! Once the setup is completed, your files will automatically be mirrored and pushed to all servers of MaxCDN’s Content Delivery Network around the world.

If you have any problems while setting up, head over to MaxCDN’s live customer support and ask them. Their service assistant will respond to you within 2 minutes.

They are available at any time, all day long (24/7). They will help you set up your CDN step by step. You’ll be happy and satisfied in few minutes.

Wrapping It Up

If you want to reduce website loading time to increase conversion rate and sales. Then getting a Content Delivery Network is the best way to go. Plus it’s only a simple installation process.

By integrating CDN to your site, you are not only reducing website load time. But also improving your site’s user experience and search engine rankings. (Especially Google)

Especially for people who own an eCommerce site, it is a MUST to use CDN right away as these sites have advertising campaigns everywhere around the Internet.

Therefore, massive amount of traffic would be driven to your site and CDN would be able reduce the server load and prevent any downtime caused by overloading (crashes).

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