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Top bloggers are always building a strong network around their brand. They promote their content frequently in order to gain extra exposure.

That way, They’ll be very well mentioned and hence acquiring tons of organic backlinks.

It’s the only way to constantly get organic traffic from visitors is to work hard in order to create a good list of subscriber and public audience.

Building a strong network is not all about other webmasters linking your website to theirs. It is also building relationships with other bloggers (webmasters).

That way, guest posting exchanging, link bait exchange or even cross promoting your fellow bloggers content becomes easier. Networking and building relationships are critical points in order for your website (blog) to succeed.

In This Post, What You Will Learn

What kind of mistakes to avoid before reaching out bloggers?

Identify top influencers from popular free platforms.

An easy way to get people to promote you content.

The Power of Influential Traffic!

When and if a top blogger helps you promote your content, you’ll be able to notice that your traffic is spiking like crazy. You can take this opportunity to grab some of their visitors coming into your website and convert them into subscribers.

It’s fine to be receiving tons of traffic from a single referral source. Because expert bloggers receive thousands of visitors monthly.

But here’s the thing, it really doesn’t matter if your site has large amount of traffic coming in or not.

It’ll be pointless if someone helps you promote your content but the traffic that comes in doesn’t convert (income). Remember, Leads are the key metrics.

Once your blog is up and running. Focus more on content creation and getting some exposure. Then you’ll be able to produce a great list of email subscribers in a few months if all goes well.

Cross promoting your fellow bloggers’ content is a great way to build high quality traffic. At least I would call this targeted traffic.

With targeted traffic, you should aim to convert 30% of the traffic into your subscribers instead of having 5000+ random traffic every month from everywhere around the internet (low conversion rate).

So yes, having great leads are way better than getting massive amount of traffic from several unknown sources because proper leads will have targeted audience driven to your blog.

What Mistakes To Avoid Before Reaching Out To Influential Bloggers

#1. Jumping Straight Into Conclusion

Well, you don’t have to connect with influential bloggers that are not in your niche just for the sake of reaching out.

Make sure you’re reaching out to marketers, entrepreneurs and influential bloggers of your niche. That’s the only Jumping Into Conclusionway you’ll be able to convert targeted audience into loyal subscribers.

Do that by commenting and sharing their blog post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks.

Analyze whether his or her website matches your requirements. Take some time to check out their website or blog and understand about their type of audience.

Then check whether their audience fulfil your website’s requirements? And this is an important point, does their audience like commenting on their blog post (articles)?

Because finding a good group of traffic that actually likes commenting would help your blog rank better in major search engines, update your blogs frequently, add value to your contents and so many more benefits.

These are the few essential points that you should pay attention to when analyzing their website or blog.

There is quite an amount of marketers and influential follow other influential bloggers (the REAL DEAL). So please be mindful when seeking them out, just make sure you’re reaching out to the correct people for the best results.

At the same time, make sure they are in your niche and they are the correct audience.

#2. Producing Low Quality Content For Your Website

If you’re in the blogging line, I’m sure you’ve heard the quote “Content Is King”. Yup, it’s completely true. Meaning whatever you produce has to be better than your competitors online in order for people to start noticing you.

Nowadays, there are just so many “low quality content” online aka articles and blog posts that everyone else have.

The beauty of content creation is that when you create something totally NEW and not some topic that everyone already has. You’ll be repeating whatever everyone has been using.

When your readers go through your blog, they’ll start to know that the blog is only just another blog. They’re looking for “Unique Content”.

Create something new, something your readers and the internet has never had. Or at least create content from a different point of view, insert your thoughts and perception. That way you’ll drive more traffic than you can imagine.

If you’re having a hard time brain storming for a topic to write, you can always reach out to top or influential bloggers.

Nobody will deny free traffic if given the opportunity. So these bloggers that you reached out to will give you their thoughts about a certain topic.

That way, you can write “unique articles” by using well known bloggers’ insight. I’ve seen some roundup articles like “How To Drive Traffic Personally From 30 Top Bloggers”. Readers will go crazy about this.

#3. Get Their Attention Before Asking For Anything Else

The proper way is to help people before hoping for some help in return. It’s a way to get their attention and then starting a conversation and finally building a relationship.

Trust me, this is a working formula, you can try other methods if you have some ideas but I’d rather you just use my technique to reach out to other webmasters.

First step is to get their attention. To do that, follow them on their social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook and others. It doesn’t matter which platform you use to reach out to them. The approach is the same and has been working fine for me.

Immediately after you follow them, select some good post of theirs and start sharing. A way to show them your appreciating their contents.

I know sometimes doing all these might seem a little tiring after some time, so people tend to skip these steps and leave some thoughtful comments on their blog.

Some people will get noticed by buying their products. I sometimes do that as well. Don’t worry, works fine too. But just make sure you get noticed.

But make sure the way of approach must seem nice. Don’t let them fell that you’re all about business.

Identify Top Influencers From These Free Platforms

#1. Facebook & Twitter

I’m guessing most of you reading this will have Facebook or Twitter? Sign up for Facebook and Twitter now if you don’t have an account. Those with Twitter accounts, I’m sure you know how powerful Twitter is.

Conversations on Twitter has made it easy reaching out to complete strangers and friends.

Use the opportunity to turn these conversations into connections that has the possibility to drive long term traffic to your blog.Twitter Search Page - Promote Content

Remember I talked about “Targeted Audience”? You can use Twitter’s Search Page to do keyword research in order to find the correct people and niche. Same goes for Facebook.

#2. Google

As we all know Google is a top notch search engine. Use it to search specific keywords like:

Top traffic generation blogs, top internet marketing blogs, best blogging blogs… you can go on and on from there.

To make sure you don’t miss anything out on searches, just play around with words, replace “top” with “best” and so on.Google Search Page

Never ever neglect Google’s search engine. They never lie anyway. Google provides top bloggers information if your keywords demands for it.

Reaching out to these top bloggers will not only have your content heavily promoted. It will also increase your website’s revenue tremendously.

#3. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo helps you source out top shared contents based on targeted keywords. You can also use this feature to find decent bloggers and marketers.Buzzsumo Search Page - Promoting Content

An Easy Way To Get People To Promote Your Content

Write an article mentioning these top bloggers about their methods and theories. You’re your articles to them.

Send them an email after that to get their attention, then you should have no problems asking him to help promote the content. He is in it anyway. Why wouldn’t he help?

All you need ere is people skills, reaching out to them. Communicating with them.

The next step is to get these people’s attention by mentioning them on Twitter in less than a 140 characters.

Then rinse and repeat regularly to help you boost followings and build trust among each other (networking) at the same time.

Wrapping It Up

That’s about everything there is to “trick” your fellow bloggers and marketers. Use the formula in this article and you’ll be able to connect, promote and drive more traffic to your site easily.

Remember to target people of your niche. Or else all your work will be pointless. Driving non targeted traffic to your site can be really depressing at times. Start now, today perhaps. Then tell me about it after a month or two.

Feel free to comment below should you have any questions or ideas to easily drive traffic to your site.

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