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Some of you do not quite understand the term “Search Engine Optimization” and how it works exactly. I’’ll explain everything you need to know about the SEO (the basics) so it will be easier for you to understand.

Do not hesitate to send me an email if you have more questions related to SEO or any other topics that I have published, I would love to help out. I will do my best to reply to your questions within 48 hours. Let’s get started shall we?

In This Post, You Will Learn

What is the meaning of Search Optimization Engine (SEO).

What are Search Engines looking for (Likes and Hates).

Keyword optimization for social networking platforms and others.

Tips on buying legit SEO services to avoid getting penalized.

What’s The Meaning of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the action or attempts to improve one’s ranking in search engines. Rankings improve based on search engines like Google, Yahoo and others to rank for relative or relevant keywords from your content (articles).

For example, if you provide (Elite Dog Training Services) then you would have to try and rank for the top 3 pages on Google and other search engines (better if you can rank on the #1 page).

So when someone searches for “Dog Training”, your content and services will be visible to readers therefore driving more traffic to your site.

(Notice that I used the word “Elite” to reduce the competition for ranking).

I would advise you guys to do some keyword research and use keywords that are less competitive as there may be hundreds of thousands of related niche sites competing with your site.

That way, you would have already won half the battle. It’s a simple trick to rank your site… See what tools I use to do it!

Another way of ranking your website’s article is by using the “Authority” method which is done by writing quality content and good social networking strategy.

Authority is measured by the number of other website articles linked to your specific website.

To keep it simple, your web page(s) have better chances at ranking in search engines when more of other blog article links to you. The better if they are also well known quality sites.

SEO drives large amount of free search engine traffic to your site if done right. If your site uses the WordPress platform then install “Yoast” to go the extra mile for your search engine optimization efforts. They are by far the best SEO plugin.

What Are Search Engines Looking & Not Looking For
(Likes and Hates)

What Search Engines Want To See (Likes)

I’ll be explaining to you how search engines read, rate and then recommend your site via keyword related searches from readers (searchers) based on the quality of your content. You must fulfill the following requirements in order for your site to rank well.

  • The #1 thing these search engines look for is the quality of the CONTENT your page provides. And by content, they will rate by: The structure of your site and not congested (messy). Meta descriptions, fonts and titles (keyword and readability).
  • The #2 item on the list is the USER-FRIENDLINESS of your site. Like the theme of your site (Premium theme ranks better) and easy navigation around your site. My advice, keep your site light and simple.
  • The #3 item on the list is FUNCTIONALITY & SITE SPEED of your page. For example, does your site crashes often because of heavy loading and page files?
  • Use W3 Total Cache to reduce page size. As for site speed, I recommend you to integrate Content Delivery Network (CDN) to your site if you haven’t done it. Get detailed explanation from my easy CDN guide.
  • The #4 item is LINK BUILDING. Never mistake quality with quantity in link building. You will rank better when more websites link your site to them as reference. (I’ve already mentioned this above). Remember to make it easy for people to link and share your content.
  • The #5 item which also cannot be taken likely is REVIEWS. Make sure you provide complete content with quality. Readers will comment and give reviews about your post if they feel it’s brilliant.

Our main goal here is beating the right way SEO and to cheat or use any easy backdoor ways like buying cheap back-linking or content spamming.

Search Engine Optimization experts wrote an article about “SEO Link Monster” and why you must be extra careful when buying services (especially the cheap ones).

If done wrongly, you’ll be penalized for spamming by Google. My advice, don’t buy any SEO link-building services!

NOTE: Only use SEO Link Monster if you are only trying to get sales and traffic for your website. Don’t use it for ranking as it won’t rank well in the long run.

I can say if this was happening to you,”your days are numbered for your site”. Contact me quickly if you are facing any of these related problems.

What Search Engines Don’t Want To See (Hates)

Search engine spiders are bots that does the rankings. They only have limited capacity of data storage, therefore they only crawl through selected amount of content only. Like Headers, Metas and Titles need to be set-up correctly.

So if you’re trying to use black hat techniques trying to outsmart them, it is very likely your site will be damaged in the long run.

Trust me, I’ve been down that road before and it wasn’t pleasant. That’s the reason this website came about.

  • First one on the list, NEVER try to take the easy way out by buying Purchased Links. You will only end wasting your money when you’re dealing with SEO. Search engine optimization spiders aren’t just straight forward “yes and no” bots, they are very good at what they do.
  •  Secondly, I told you to do some keyword research to help your contents rank easily. True, but that doesn’t mean you should stuff your articles with massive amount of keywords. Keyword Stuffing will only stunt the growth of your website.
  • Thirdly would be to do the exact opposite of everything I have told you about what search engine likes. Poor user experience will also drive traffic (readers) as far as they can from your site. This also means not to stuff ads everywhere around your web page.

Remember to attention to the bounce rate of your site every now and then, if you have content and readers can’t find them easily. Then that’s the reason behind your bounce rate has been increasing. If it’s higher than 80%, you should do something about it.

*Bounce Rate is the percentage of single page visits on any of your page of a reader and then leaves your website from that particular page without browsing any further to any other pages of your site.

Pay Attention To Your Meta Descriptions

Meta description and keywords have been ignored by search engines spiders lately, but I still would suggest you to use them, everything counts right?

Just be sure that your meta descriptions are zoomed in specifically to your content.

Same as everything you do, meta descriptions should be unique. Duplicating your meta descriptions will only waste your time and effort trying to rank the site.

Remember, “Imitation is Suicide”, it’s the number one (1) rule of SEO.

Optimization for Social Networking Platforms and Others

Keyword optimization should not only be applied to your main site, but also to your other social networking platforms. These social networking platforms are Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube.

Creating video reviews and walk-through for your content, products and services converts traffic well too.

Did you know? It is easier to get a video to rank on the first page of search engines than your quality content.

Also, don’t forget to work on your mobile and tablet optimization as well to increase traffic conversions. Get a mobile responsive theme for your website.

Buying Legit Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services To Avoid Penalty

Quite a number of SEO agencies will try and confuse you with algorithms and advance coding. Making you feel like it is a never ending maze.

There are also SEO agencies that will be very interested in helping you by talking to you over the phone or Skype.

After the call, the only thing you could catch was “we provide the following services, we can help you”. The rest don’t make any sense to you. This is actually true.

Yes, I’m not saying everyone can do SEO correctly. Sometimes it can be pretty frustrating, because everyone has their own opinions at doing SEO.

But one thing I know for sure, if you can get your site structure like what I’ve explained, you will see good results in your optimization.

What to Avoid When Buying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services?

Simple, avoid companies who guarantee page one (1) rankings. Some even claim to be able to get your page a hundred thousand unique visitors (100,000) per day.

It is possible if they are sending bots to your site. Flooding a website with automated bots will only cause frequent crashes.

Nobody and not even the best SEO agency can guarantee you a specific ranking. Of course, unless they use black hat techniques that may get you penalized from search engines, which is bad for the long run.

Agencies offering SEO for a monthly fee as low as $98 (or lower) are usually using automated software and duplicated contents.

Think about it, who would be in the right mind to do SEO service for $98 a month, considering the time spent for keyword research and content creation.

Do I Provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services?

Well yes, but It’s not opened to the public yet. I usually do it only if I receive emails from my readers and companies asking for my help.

Partly because I’m still working on my own now as I can only take a maximum of 4-5 projects a month. Not more because I ensure quality only.

But I will be putting together a team personally trained by me soon since I have been getting very good comments and reviews from my clients.

But for the time being you’ll have to contact me for consultation.

Wrapping It Up

Skipping the basics and foundations of an SEO will prevent you from fully maximizing your website’s potential.

Do some keyword research on your own even if you are paying for an SEO package. It’s always nice to know how your contents are being targeted.

Create sites that have good user experience and content that people share easily to social networking platforms. If you have done everything I have taught you, you’ll start seeing good conversion results.

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