Want To Write For IntelWizard? (Guest Post)

Interested in writing a detailed case study or tutorials for the blog? Write for me, I’ll be more than happy to publish your guest posts.

All of my incoming traffic will have full visibility to the guest posts on this site.

Plus, your guest post content will be a part of my email autoresponder. Meaning, any present, past or future subscribers of my website will come across it.

Content Creation Requirements

In order to write for me, you will have to follow these conditions very carefully, because I will only publish high quality content on the blog for the best user experience.Guest Blogging - Write For Me

I have provided a list of conditions below for you to meet before I review your guest post.

But don’t worry, revisions will be held several times until we’re both satisfied. I don’t want to turn down someone’s hours of hard work right?

Make sure the content is easily understandable by everyone.

Caution, easy to understand, but not simplified or broken English.

Your content must be in guide, tutorial, tips or experiment based. (Check out my posts to find out how I write my content.)

Use examples and appropriate images to make it even easier for everyone to understand. Doesn’t matter if the examples are unknown or from a real user.

Note: There’s no minimum word count a post should have. Great articles can be either be long or short.

Sales pitch is a big NO. Your post must provide advice, methods or even techniques that allow readers to use instantaneously after reading the article.

Now let’s get into how the post should be written.

Article’s Format & Way of Writing

  • Stay on topic and never write sales crap.
  • Shorten your sentence if you can. Nobody likes beating around the bush.
  • Let’s not sound like a robot, the content should sound like you’re talking to your friends.
  • Break up your paragraph. Not more than three (3) sentences per paragraph.
  • Have fun writing, don’t have to be shy! Just make sure there’s no foul words.

Content’s Structure

  • Make sure you give an overview of the content at the start with “In This Post, What You Will Learn”, then section three (3) or more points. Click here to see example.
  • Then do what you do best and write away.
  • Use “Wrapping It Up” at the end of post as the conclusion.

Reminder: If you’re going to write for me, please… NO sales pitch at all, only hands on and easy to understand advice provided with step by step instructions, supported along with examples from case studies.

For Your Reference (Write For Me)

Go ahead and take a look at more of these examples provided below if you’re still unsure of the content’s structure and format.

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Still Interested On Guest Posting For The Blog?

Alright then, I’ll be happy to get in touch with you too. Get in touch with me here introduce yourself and let’s get to business. I would also be grateful if you can provide some:

Examples of past content creation or any other relevant content.

Also, tell me about what kind of article will you be writing. Don’t want you to waste time creating irrelevant content unintentionally.

But if you already have the article with you. Let me have a look at it too. Thank you!

Have fun writing!